Additional Product Review Options

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With Additional Product Review Options, your customers will see more than just a 1-5 star rating of a product.

Your reviewers can leave, in addition to the standard review, ratings for things like quality and fit as well as other info that customers can use to compare and contrast based on what they are looking for.

This customization is great as it helps to further engage your customers: reviewers can pinpoint specific things they like about your products and how much they like them, and potential customers have more options on how they can base a purchasing decision.

What it does

Utilizing a simple script, this BigCommerce customization will allow users to rate pre-defined elements related to a product and display averages for each item as well. Customers can also input personal info if needed (height or waist size, for example) to better illustrate to a potential customer reading the review how a garment may look on them, for instance.


Example of Additional Product Review Options.

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Why Do I Need This?

  • Gives your customers greater insight into a product
  • Improves user engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this customization effect the default reviews system?

Can I change elements I want to be reviewable?