Customer based Shipping and Payment Method Restrictions

$1495 (one time fee)

Sometimes some of your customers shouldn’t have access to all of your shipping and payment methods in your BigCommerce store. Perhaps you’d like to create a “Purchase order” payment method, but it should only display to your Wholesale customers, or you have a “Free shipping” option that you don’t want your Wholesale customers to be able to choose. If you have a restriction at the customer level for what shipping or payment methods should be available for your customers, we can tailor this customization to fit your needs.

What it does

We leverage BigCommerce’s customer group functionality to allow you to mark which customers should be restricted from certain shipping and payment methods. We’ll create functionality that hides or displays the appropriate shipping methods and payment methods at checkout based on the customer group the customer is in.

Live Examples

Why Do I Need This?

This customization will allow your business to run smoothly without the extra hassle of needing to contact a customers who have chosen a shipping or payment method that does not apply to them. Save yourself the customer service nightmares and use our Shipping and Payment Method Restrictions customization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to change my shipping or payment methods?

What if I want to add new shipping or payment methods?