Custom Fields Manager

Call for Pricing

Adding and updating Custom Fields on BigCommerce products is a tedious process. Our Custom Field Manager gives you access to an interface that lets you change and update your Custom Fields on an visual and intuitive control panel. It also has an import/export feature, allowing you to make bulk changes in Excel, then push those changes back into your BigCommerce site.
  • User-friendly management for Product Custom Fields
  • Splits out Product Custom Fields into individual columns
  • Edit in-app, or import and export spreadsheets
  • Much more intuitive and usable interface for Merchants – no technical knowledge necessary
This app is currently in beta testing. If you’re interested in trying an early version of it, contact us!

What it does

This forthcoming BigCommerce app gives merchant access to a control panel/interface that allows you to manage custom fields in a user-friendly and intuitive way.