Conditional Content / Products for Customer Groups

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Segment Your Customers

Do you have special content or products that you only want available to a select portion of your customers? Maybe you have a “Friends and Family” Customer Group or a “VIP” Customer Group that you want to display a special discount banner to. Using this customization, you would be able to display special content or categories or even products only to customers that belong to these groups. This customization would be adjusted based on your site’s needs and can include content on the Home Page, Category/Product Pages, and Static Pages.

This customization does not include a specific log in for wholesale customers, if you need that see below.

If you are interested in creating custom content for wholesale customers, take a look at our Wholesale Section customization, which includes a special login page for wholesale customers and a sign-up form for customers to become wholesale customers.

What it does

This customization uses BigCommerce Customer Groups to create or remove content and to grant access to specific categories and/or products.


The images below showcase an example of conditional content based on customer groups. The Banner is displayed for Retail and Guest customers however it is not displayed for Wholesale or Friends and Family Customers.

Why Do I Need This?

Provide exclusive content or hide certain content if the customer belongs to a select customer group(s).

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