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Make it easier for your customers to find the products they want by organizing the products listed on your category pages into subcategory groups.

Category pages normally list out all of the products from its subcategories in one big list. This isn’t always the best solution for e-commerce stores because it can make it more difficult for customers to find the product they want. We developed this customization to break up that one list into smaller lists based on the subcategory the product belongs to. The customization creates subheadings on the category page representing the next level of categories and lists the products below the appropriate header. Customers can still navigate to any of the subcategories (unless you don’t want the subcategory pages to be available). This customization can be applied to any category level but the lowest level.

This is a great way to help your customers find the products they want without having to search through various subcategories, thereby improving your site’s conversion rate.

The customization is fairly easy to implement and does not require any changes to the current category structure of your site.

What it does

This customization will list products on the category page based on what subcategory it belongs to. Once the customization is added, it will automatically work with your site’s current category structure to organize the category pages.

Live Examples

Why Do I Need This?

  • Improve the User Experience on your site
  • Add an additional layer of organization to your site making it appear more professional

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to make any adjustments to my current category structure to get this to work on my site?

Can I add/remove/edit subcategories later?