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Custom fields in the Checkout are a great way to get additional necessary information from your customers. BigCommerce does not offer a lot of flexibility with the out-of-the-box options for collecting information during checkout, but this customization allows you to collect whatever you need to properly fulfill your orders.

In the past, we’ve implemented Delivery Date Pickers for clients as well as custom “How did you hear about us” fields, which are both great options. If you’re getting frustrated by your Customer Service team needing to call every customer after their order to get additional information, our Additional Checkout Fields customization will reduce that headache and help you streamline your process.

What it does

We add in custom form fields to the Billing Address section of your Checkout. This allows you to collect extra information from your customers at the time of purchase. We can style these fields to match your needs. The information entered by the customer into these fields would go on to the customer record.

We can also add in custom fields to the Shipping Method section of your checkout, and this information would go in to the Order Comments field during checkout.


This is an example of several additional fields being requested during checkout. The fields can be dropdowns, long text input fields, etc.

This is an example of an additional field at checkout. We have further customized the field to make it pink, so it will stand out against the rest of the fields and make it more likely to be filled out.

Live Examples

Why Do I Need This?

If there’s additional information that you need from your customer, customizing your checkout fields is the easiest way to ensure you collect this information at the time of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the information go?

What if a customer has already entered text in to the Order Comments field?

What if a customer is logged in to their account?