Add-On Fees or Additional Products

$1400 (one time fee)

Does selling Products on your site require an add-on fee or additional product? We have developed custom solutions for these sort of additional Product requirements, and can tailor a solution for your Products.

For example, you may need to charge an Oversize Fee for an extra large item, or you might need to charge an extra fee if the product requires additional taxes to be paid. Our Add-on Fees customization allows you to select which products require additional fees, and display that fee as a separate line item in the cart during checkout.

This functionality is very flexible, and we can tailor it to match your needs. If you’d like to have custom messaging on the Product Page and Cart Page that alerts your customers they’ve added a product to their cart that requires an additional fee, we can easily accommodate.

What it does

We leverage BigCommerce’s custom fields functionality for Add-on Fees. Simply add a Custom Field to each product on which you would like to have an additional fee. We create a custom hidden product for the add-on fee, so you’re able to set or adjust the price for the fee whenever you would like. Once a customer lands on the Cart Page or Checkout Page, our customization checks each of their products to see if they require an additional fee, and if so, it adds the fee in. The fee displays as a separate line item in the customer’s cart, and there will only be one fee per order.

If you have other requirements for the additional fee, i.e. the customer must also be shipping their order to a specific country or state, we can add that in as well.

We’ll also provide documentation for you on how to add in custom fields and adjust your fee price in the future.


This is an example of a custom "International Shipping Fee" being added on to the cart, as the product in the cart has been marked and the customer has chosen an international shipping address.

This is an example of custom messaging that we can add to the Cart Page that alerts the customer their products require an additional fee.

Live Examples

Why Do I Need This?

  • Charge the correct fees on each of your unique products
  • Streamline the purchase process

Frequently Asked Questions

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