PHP and ProStores – The Possibilities are Endless!

October 7, 2009 | |

**NOTE: As of July 2014, we are no longer working on the ProStores platform. Please contact us if you would like to migrate your store to BigCommerce.**

As a ProStores hosting company that offers PHP among the compatible languages in our server environment we’ve had the opportunity to develop some more interesting applications that go far beyond the realm of what’s possible in ProStores by default. Using software written in PHP gives you the ability to extract information through your store for use in other applications. For example, our Gift Registry and Wishlist systems would not be possible if we were not able to reference ProStores information in a separate database dynamically. Utilizing what PHP brings to the table we were able to create a system that passes basic details like whether or not a customer is logged in, what product page they are on, what attributes were selected, etc to a separate database where that information can be manipulated or searched in a number of ways not possible from within ProStores itself.

Calculations are another great use for PHP. The math system in ProStores itself it certainly limited, but if you’re able to include the math capabilities of a language like PHP suddenly all kinds of opportunities arise. For example, a real-time currency convertor on your website could alert foreign customers as to what the product would cost with the current conversion rates taken into account.

Do you have products that require user-submitted photos? PHP can be utilized to build a system that can allow your users to upload their own photos or artwork for use with their order, linking the order to the files (thus avoiding the extra step of contacting the client after their order to request content).

Basically what it comes down to is that the sky is the limit! Have an idea for something ProStores can’t necessarily do on it’s own? Feel free to let us know!

Sean has been programming since first learning BASIC back in 1990. He has worked in the website development industry since its inception and has been working with IntuitSolutions since January 2006. Prepared for a career in systems administration by Drexel University, Sean is our Server Administrator and he works hard to make sure our equipment is efficient and reliable. He has been working with PHP and other powerful, web-friendly languages since the 90′s.