PayPal Express and Google Analytics in BigCommerce

Issues in Google Analytics Caused by PayPal Express

PayPal Express comes recommended by BigCommerce for its easy installation, hassle free payments, and its free price tag. If you are using Google Analytics to track the source of your BigCommerce conversions, you may have noticed a recent spike in the amount of referrals driving the conversions on your site. Of course, PayPal isn’t really sending you new customers; they are simply returning your customers to your site after a payment is made and stealing all of the transaction data for themselves! In this situation, how can you tell if your ad spend is working for you, or if your SEO team is delivering? Not to mention it makes further optimization of your site even more difficult and ambiguous.

How PayPal Express Skews Your Google Analytics Data?

Part of the appeal of PayPal Express for your customers is the security of the transaction. For your business, it may have been the ease of set up. For the long term, PayPal Express can cause you, and your SEO team, some heartache. PayPal Express allows you to send your customers to in order to complete their payment. After they have entered all the information, PayPal redirects them to your site and takes all of the credit as the source of the transaction, regardless of where the customer found your site.

Fixing the PayPal Express Dilemma

Simple. Upgrade to PayPal Standard or PayPal Pro. For a small monthly fee, $5 for Standard and $30 for Pro, your Customers will be able to use their PayPal information directly on your site with no redirect to PayPal for checkout. This will eliminate all future conversion recorded through Google Analytics. You will be able to see the true sources of your conversions and better optimize your ad campaigns.

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