One Page Checkout User Guide and FAQ


As BigCommerce continues to grow, they are in the process of launching a new checkout. As a result, we are no longer selling our One Page Checkout solution. We apologize for the inconvenience, but feel free to check out some of our other solutions. If you have any questions regarding the customization of BigCommerce’s checkout, please contact our team.

One Page Checkout

Address Autofill

Our new checkout includes an autofill feature using the Google Maps API. The customer enters in the first line of the address, and then selects the correct address from a dropdown list, which autofills the rest of the address information. This feature not only significantly reduces the amount of time spent on the checkout page, but it also ensures that the customer has entered in a valid address. The One Page Checkout Address Autofill feature requires a Google Maps API key. Please see this guide for information on how to register for and properly configure your Google Maps API key.

Focused Checkout

This setting drastically simplifies the checkout page by creating a “focused” checkout page – the header and footer are hidden from the customer, so that all they can see is your store’s logo and the checkout steps. A focused checkout eliminates distractions and ensures that the customer’s attention is focused on completing the checkout process. (Don’t worry, any conversion scripts you may have embedded will remain on the page).

Please note: Since every BigCommerce template is different, in some rare cases, the Focused Checkout setting may not function exactly as intended. If this happens to your store, we can still make it work! Just drop us a line and let us know.

Replace Labels with Placeholders

This setting will move the label from being next to the form field to being inside the field, creating a cleaner look and saving a lot of space on the page, reducing the need to scroll.

Scroll Bar on Order Overview

If the customer is checking out with a lot of items in their cart, the order overview may end up pushing the Complete Checkout button further down on the page, and possibly below the fold. This setting will keep the button above the fold by adding a maximum height to the overview, and allow the customer to scroll through the overview.

Hide the “Have a Coupon?” Question

This option will remove the ‘Have a coupon or gift certificate’ link and the coupon input box.

Agree to Terms & Conditions by Default

If you have terms and conditions on your checkout page that the customer must agree to, you can toggle this setting to leave the terms and conditions check box checked or unchecked by default. This is useful for if you want your customers to manually agree to the terms and conditions.

Show Progress Checkmarks

IThe new One Page Checkout includes check marks to visually signify to the customer that they have properly completed the corresponding checkout step. This feedback leads to less customer error by making it obvious when a checkout step is incomplete.

Show Edit Cart Link

Show or hide a link allowing the customer to edit their cart by sending them to the cart page. This setting is useful if you have your store set up to bypass the cart page and go straight to checkout, or if you are using the focused checkout setting.

Edit Checkout Text

You can edit the text that displays in several places in the checkout using the One Page Checkout app, including the checkout button text, the newsletter signup language, and several of the checkout error messages.

Edit Checkout Colors/Styles

The One Page Checkout app allows you to edit several color options, including the checkout button, column borders and backgrounds, and text color. This setting allows you to make the checkout match the style of your store.


If you have custom styles for your checkout page, there’s no need to edit any stylesheets, just place them directly in the custom CSS panel! There is also a section for additional HTML you’d like to display on checkout, this is useful for including things such as security badges or other checkout-related messages. Please note: this section should is strictly code and should not be edited by anyone who is not comfortable working in HTML/CSS.

BigCommerce Settings

Can my customers create an account on the One Page Checkout?

Getting the customer through the checkout process with the minimum amount of effort is the bread and butter of optimizing the checkout process. Every additional choice you give the customer, every extra step they must take in order to complete the checkout, makes it that much less likely that they will finish the checkout process.

For this reason, we have minimized the amount of account options available on the checkout page itself. If it’s critical to your store that customers sign up for an account during checkout, then there are still a few options available: Our recommendation is to configure your BigCommerce store to automatically create an account for customers who use guest checkout. This setting can be configured in your BigCommerce store under Advanced Settings > Checkout.

Upon completing their order, the customer will receive an order confirmation email, as well as a separate email welcoming them to your store, informing them that an account has been opened for them on their behalf. The email includes a link back to your store, where they can set a password to complete their registration.

Customers can still create an account through your store’s create an account page. Through specific messaging and link placement, you can funnel more customers through this page and increase the likelihood that they create an account before they get to the checkout.

With the Once Page Checkout app you also have the option to “Force Account Creation”. With this setting, the checkout default will be to Register an Account. Customers will be asked to create a password when entering their billing address, and an account will be created for them upon completion of the checkout.

Will my shipping settings carry over to One Page Checkout?

Any configuration of shipping settings that you have set up through your BigCommerce store will display exactly the same in One Page Checkout as they would in the standard checkout.

How can I change the display names of my payment methods?

You can configure the display names of your payment methods directly in BigCommerce. Navigate to Store Setup > Payments, click on the payment method you’d like to adjust and change the “Display Name” field.

Can I turn on/off the Order Comments, Newsletter Sign Up Checkbox or the Terms and Conditions checkbox?

Yes, you can configure those settings through BigCommerce. The options you have configured through BigCommerce will display exactly the same in One Page Checkout as they would in the standard checkout.

Can I change, re-order, or add address form fields?

Yes, these settings are configurable through BigCommerce by navigating to Advanced Settings > Account Signup Form > Address Fields. You can add in additional fields, re-arrange the order of the fields, or change the name of the fields.

What payment methods are compatible with the One Page Checkout?

At this time, we support all payment methods accepted in the BigCommerce Express Checkout except for Square (but we will hopefully add support soon!).

Can I use Apple Pay with One Page Checkout?

BigCommerce’s Apple Pay integration actually happens on the cart page and completely bypasses the checkout process, so using Apple Pay will have no effect on the One Page Checkout.

Can I use Amazon Payments with One Page Checkout?

At this time, Amazon Payments is not integrated into the BigCommerce Express Checkout, and is only available in their new Optimized One Page Checkout beta. Since IntuitSolutions One Page Checkout is built to work alongside the standard Express Checkout, Amazon Payments is not available until BigCommerce adds support for this integration in the Express Checkout.

Can I use BigCommerce’s Ship to Multiple Addresses feature with One Page Checkout?

Yes, but not from within the One Page Checkout. Although the BigCommerce Express Checkout, and therefore One Page Checkout, does not support shipping to multiple shipping addresses, your customers will still be able to use multiple shipping addresses if you have that feature enabled. When a customer clicks on the “Checkout with Multiple Shipping Addresses” link on your cart page, they will be directed into the standard BigCommerce Multiple Page Checkout process, which bypasses the One Page Checkout.


Is the One Page Checkout responsive?

YES! We have done our homework, and implemented all of the best features for the best possible mobile shopping experience on BigCommerce. Resize your browser or pull up our demo site on your phone to view the Responsive side of the Checkout.

Can I customize the design of the checkout?

Yes! On installation, we will update the fonts and overall color scheme to match your existing site’s styles and design. If you would like to change these initial styles in the future, you can do so directly in your BigCommerce store through the One Page Checkout app. We also offer the ability to easily add additional HTML and custom scripts through our easy to use One Page Checkout app in your BigCommerce store.

Can I customize the layout of the checkout?

At this time, the One Page Checkout is only available in a single layout. If you would like to implement the One Page Checkout on your BigCommerce site, but need to accommodate for a specific design, give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss.

Can I change the text on the One Page Checkout?

Currently, there are a few text variables available to change in the One Page Checkout App. We are working on including support for changing additional text.


Why do you need my store’s owner-level credentials? Is there an alternative?

The One Page Checkout includes an app that we install in your BigCommerce store. We use this app to install the One Page Checkout into the front end of your store; the app also includes a configuration panel where you can control several different checkout options. Since this is a draft app and the owner level account for your store is the only account allowed to install draft apps, we will need the owner-level username and password in order to complete the installation/upgrade. We will need the email address and password you would use to log into the owner account, please do not transfer ownership of your store or create a new user.

At this time, the only way to install One Page Checkout is through your store’s owner level account. We will not be able to complete the installation without access to this account. We need to use the BigCommerce developer portal to register the app to an account specific to your store so that you are able to access it after the installation. If you delegate ownership to a different account, the app will be registered to that account. Once you switch ownership back to the original account, they will not have access to it. The owner level-account is the only account with permission to install and use draft apps.

Can you install One Page Checkout on my staging site or sandbox?

Although a store owner can request for BigCommerce to provision them a “sandbox” store, this is terminology is somewhat misleading. There isn’t really such a thing as a sandbox environment or staging site on BigCommerce. Sandboxes on BigCommerce are actually completely separate stores – they don’t share settings, product databases, or even necessarily have the same template as the original store. Since there is no true sandbox environment, and no mechanism in place to push changes on a staging store to the live store, we end up having to complete the entire installation process twice. There’s no guarantee that any testing we do on one store will be compatible with the other.

Will One Page Checkout affect my analytics scripts?

No. Any analytics scripts that you have entered into the Web Analytics section of your BigCommerce store will remain intact after the installation of One Page Checkout.

Will the installation of One Page Checkout affect any other parts of my website?

No. Our installation is specific to the checkout page template files. The installation can’t and won’t affect any other page on your site aside from the checkout page itself.

Will there be any downtime in my store during the installation process?

No. There should not be any time during the One Page Checkout installtion where your customers will not be able to check out.

Will there be any downtime in my store during the installation process?

No. There should not be any time during the One Page Checkout installation where your customers will not be able to check out.

How does the One Page Checkout affect the template update process? What happens if I change my store’s template?

Installation of the One Page Checkout will not affect the template update process. However, since updating your store’s template will overwrite any customized template files in your store, you will need to re-install the checkout after updating the template. The same is true if you decide to change templates at any time.

Will the One Page Checkout conflict with other customizations, scripts, or Apps I use on my checkout?

Although the One Page Checkout will work with most other Third Party Apps, Scripts, or customizations, we cannot guarantee that any of your current customizations will be compatible with our One Page Checkout.

However, if you let us know before we begin the installation if you do have any existing customizations, scripts, or apps on the checkout, we will try our best to accomodate for them as part of your installation fee.

Existing tracking scripts entered in through the Web Analytics section of your Bigcommerce store WILL continue to operate.

How can I add additional customizations to the One Page Checkout?

Give us a call and talk to one of our expert BigCommerce developers. We’re confident that we can accommodate for any new functionality you can dream up!

Support & Compatibility

Will One Page Checkout increase my store’s conversion rate?

Using One Page Checkout with our recommended settings configured will increase your store’s checkout conversion rate and decrease the total time a customer spends in the checkout process. Checkout conversion rate corresponds to the rate that unique visitors to your checkout page convert into customers. Since there are a myriad of factors that can affect your store’s overall conversion rate, many before they even reach the checkout page, we can’t guarantee that One Page Checkout alone will increase your store’s overall conversion rate.

What are your recommended settings?

In order to maximize checkout conversions, we recommend the following settings:

  • Agree to Terms & Conditions by Default: True
  • Focused Checkout: True
  • Show the Edit Cart Link: False
  • Force Account: False
  • Address Autofill: True (free Google Maps API Key required)
  • Hide the “Have a coupon” question: True
  • Labels to Placeholders: True
  • Show scroll bar on product overview: True
  • Show validation progress with checkmarks: True

You are of course free to configure your settings in any way you choose, however these are the settings we believe will get your customers through the checkout process fastest, and therefore will boost your checkout conversions.

Why is there an installation fee?

In terms of code structure, BigCommerce stores can vary widely from template to template. In some cases, there may be template conflicts that prevent the checkout from displaying or working correctly. In order to make sure your checkout is optimally running immeditately, we need to take some time testing and making sure that these template discrepencies aren’t affecting your checkout page. In this situation, you want this to be handled by BigCommerce experts with years of experience working on templates – which is exactly who we are!

Why is there a monthly charge?

We host necessary resources for the One Page Checkout on our own optimized server for security reasons, which also enables us to make updates to the Checkout as we release new features, bug fixes, etc. Support for bug fixes is also included in this monthly fee, outlined below. This monthly fee also goes toward developing new features and improvements to the checkout, which we are developing constantly!

What support is included in the monthly fee?

We will support any bugs that you report to us that are a result of a defect in our code or systems.

What is not supported under the monthly fee, and billed hourly?

Because you own your BigCommerce site and have the ability to change/alter/damage the code yourself at any time, we can not support for free any problems/errors outside of the defined scope of the One Page Checkout. If an issue results from a change to your store made by you, BigCommerce, or another third party vendor/partner, we will bill at our standard hourly rate to fix these problems. We recommend giving access only to partners/vendors that you trust, and who will be thorough in their testing of any changes made to the site or the checkout process.

How can I help fix bugs on my site quickly?

Always submit a support ticket on our site before emailing or calling. We need to document your specific case in order to fix bugs quickly. Opening a new support ticket not only ensures that we’re tracking bugs efficiently, but also ensures that we deal with your issue as quickly as possible. If you have any customers that are experiencing a checkout issue, please have them fill out the form at SupportDetails.com and forward us the results. This will help us locate the error as quickly as possible by letting us know what device the user is viewing the site from. On most occasions, checkout issues are caused by customers running out of date software or good old fashioned user error.

Can I easily turn off One Page Checkout?

Yes. The One Page Checkout App includes a Revert button to easily switch back to the default BigCommerce checkout.

Although the installation process is “minimally invasive”, we will take full backups of your site’s template files before and after installation. We’ll provide these to you directly on your BigCommerce server so you’ll never lose them!