Web site statistics are one of the most important features for Ecommerce sites as statistics allow a store owner to accurately target their market and adjust a site for maximum conversion. Many hosting environments include statistics provided by AWStats or Webalizer however these services do not offer the depth needed for complete reporting and are currently being phased out.

Instead the increasingly popular Google Analytics are recommended as Google’s system offers complete reports including full Ecommerce data from conversion rates to product by product comparison and AdWords performance. In addition the Google Analytics is a low cost one time installation and the service is free through the life-time of service. Google Analytics also run independently of the site so there is no impact on the performance of the site while a visitor is browsing; older statistical services can harm site load times.

We strongly recommend getting Google Analytics setup on your site today and with IntuitSolution’s Custom Ecommerce code you can be sure you are getting accurate and complete Ecommerce statistics in your Google Analytics panel.


Andrew joined IntuitSolutions in the fall of 2012 as a developer. He is passionate about clean, easily accessible and intuitive web design using industry standards. While his interests are too varied to include them all, a few of his hobbies include reptiles, DIY technology and snowboarding.

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