IntuitSolutions Donates Time to Shape Young Minds for Hour of Code

IntuitSolutions Donates Time to Shape Young Minds for Hour of Code

On Tuesday, December 10, 2019, IntuitSolutions’ Senior Project Manager Zachary Uzupis visited Mrs. Susan Jahani’s 5th Grade students for the multinational “Hour of Code” at Keystone Elementary School in Croydon, PA. Uzupis gave a lecture to the students on the origins of binary code, Morse Code, and ENIAC (the first computer in Pennsylvania), and how it all helped shape the foundations of modern computer processing. The young Keystone Tigers were remarkably receptive and showed considerable promise in understanding these complex connections.

Keystone Elementary invited Uzupis to supplement their students’ in-class assignments. – image courtesy of IntuitSolutions

After the interactive lecture, Mrs. Jahani directed the students to continue their learning with a “Build Your Own Music Video” coding exercise while Uzupis provided one-on-one instruction covering the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the basics of internet coding.

The Hour of Code program is a celebrated, multinational effort to teach school-age children how to code in an effort to better prepare them for the workplaces of the future. With industry trends approaching automation in service, delivery, and manufacturing, programming has become more valuable a skill than ever before. 

IntuitSolutions is committed to the betterment of its local community by preparing each student with the tools necessary to become the computer engineers of the future. If you would like a representative of IntuitSolutions to speak with your students, please contact us here

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