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There’s a lot of money to be made in B2B eCommerce—if your site is equipped to handle it. Spending on B2B eCommerce platforms is growing at a pace twice that of B2C spending and, by 2019, the B2B eCommerce market will be valued at $1.1 trillion. The businesses that reap the rewards of the burgeoning B2B landscape will be the ones that tailor their sites to their customer base, something that’s not always easy with traditional eCommerce solutions. There are additional factors and concerns when it comes to selling B2B online. These are our top add-ons to ease paint points and create a more seamless and user-friendly B2B buying experience. Check out these picks or contact us about a custom CRM, ERP, or accounting software integration.

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Bulk Ordering

B2B customers often order in larger quantities than B2C customers. This can present challenges for ecommerce merchants, particularly if they offer Products with multiple Options. It’s important to create a seamless and user-friendly way to order in larger quantities. Product Option Grid is a BigCommerce add-on that makes it easy to order multiple Option-specific products at once. It displays all Product Options in a grid format on the Product Page so your customers can enter purchase quantities for each specific Option combination and add all Products to the Cart at once. Product Option Grid Quick Order Page make it easy for them to reorder the things they buy regularly. Customers can quickly look up multiple products by SKU or name, change quantities, and bulk-add them to their cart. They can also add and remove products by clicking a plus or minus button. Quick Order

Set Custom Pricing Structures

B2B merchants often have a more complicated pricing structure than B2C sites. Ensuring customers understand what they’re paying for is a consistent challenge. Whether you offer bulk pricing or have follow vendor regulations. Sign In For Pricing: If you have vendor pricing rules and regulations, we can hide and show pricing at various points in the purchase pipeline. For example, an items price could only be displayed after login, after the item is in the Cart, or only on the Product Detail page. MAP Pricing Sell In Cases and Packs: If you sell items in boxes, cases, or packs—particularly in bulk—pricing can get confusing. This add-on makes it easier in two ways: requiring customers to purchase in set quantities (for example, twelve packs or boxes of 300) and dynamically displaying the cost per unit along with the Product total, ensuring your customers know exactly what they’re paying for. Case & Pack Quantity Solution

Purchase Orders & Departmental Shopping Lists

One of the most common B2B requests is a Purchase Order Payment Method. While this functionality doesn’t come standard on BigCommerce, we offer two purchase order payment solutions Enter a PO number: Approved customers can enter a purchase order number in a custom field at checkout. Purchase Order Solution Upload A PO At Checkout: The customer is prompted to upload a purchase order at Checkout. All uploaded documents are stored in the Merchant center. Purchase Order Solution With PDF Upload

Conditional Content

One of the most important aspects of a B2B eCommerce business is the ability to show and hide content based on who’s looking at it. B2B businesses often negotiate special rates, offer certain payment or shipping methods, or have entire Products or Categories that are only relevant to certain customers. We offer a full range of solutions for conditional content, including: Customer Group Restricted Payment Options Customer Group Restricted Shipping Options Restrict Content/Products By Customer Group Product-Based Shipping & Payment Restrictions

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