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Shopping for clothes online is convenient but can provide user experience challenges that dissuade customers from purchasing. Many of the most important questions about an item of clothing go unanswered in an eCommerce environment:  How will this really look on me? Which color would be best? Will this be right for my dress code, or the event I have in mind? That’s why providing a great user experience is key if you sell fashion and apparel online. Making use of images and rich media, signing crucial information about style, material, or fit, and offering interactive and dynamic features make shopping more fun and increase customer confidence. To help you out, we’ve put together the best BigCommerce add-ons for apparel merchants, the ones that give the sophisticated visual experience you need to make customers click “buy.” Interested in one of these add-ons? Need something you don’t see? Contact us to learn more or ask about a custom solution for your business’ needs!

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Add-ons built by our expert developers and designed specially for the BigCommerce platform.

Visual Merchandising Features

Great product photos or videos are important for any ecommerce merchant but even more so for fashion sites. We offer a number of add-ons to improve and enhance your product photos by adding visual sophistication and interactivity. Want to add interactivity to the Category page? Try Image Swap on Hover or Color Swatch Options. Both let customers preview different options, colors, or angles without clicking on the Prodcuct Page. Image Swap On Hover Color Swatch Options On Category Page

Images & Rich Media

If you’ve invested time and money in creating great rich media assets like 3D photos or videos, show them off! We can leverage 3D photos or videos to help customers access them or create a more sophisticated user experience.Videos In Thumbnail Gallery

Product Personalization Features

Offer personalized apparel items, such as clothing with monograms or logos? Maybe you sell sports jerseys with custom names and numbers on the back or some other type of personalized clothing item. We specialize in dynamic live previews for personalized products. Whatever type of personalization you offer, we can create a custom feature that shows shoppers what their finished Product will look like. Sports Jersey Live Preview Logo Live PreviewCustom Live Preview Feature

Size Charts

Understanding how an item will fit is key to helping a customer make a purchase. Our size chart add on lets customers easily access brand and product-specific size charts from the Product Page. Customers can click a link or button to see the full chart display in a popup modal, giving them the information they need without making them navigate away from the Product Page. Contact us about size charts

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