How To Prepare For Cyber Monday And Black Friday

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As we all know, cyber monday and black friday are right around the corner. It’s no secret that they are the biggest shopping days of the year! Almost every store has some type of promotion or sale happening for at least one of those days, if not a whole week of deals. Here are a few tips on how to get your site up to par and ready to handle the traffic load.

1) Perform A Site Audit

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Ensure your site is running properly. A site audit entails checking multiple platforms for any page errors. These errors can range from content being wider than screen to multiple H1 tags on a page. Having these errors can leave your website with poor user experience or even a completely broken page. How does IntuitSolutions help? We offer running these site audits and solving the majority of the issues that arise. For the ones that are more in depth, we reach out and find out if you would like for us to solve these problems in an allotted amount of time. Once the issues are fixed, there should be a lot less worry about something going wrong with your website while multiple users are trying to make purchases. 

2) Page Speed Optimization


Page speed is one of the most important factors for a  website. No one wants to shop from a slow site. Ensure everything is up to speed with a page speed test. A little known fact is that the more people visiting your site, the slower it will be due to the fact that the server has a lot more work to do. InuitSolutions will run this page speed test for you and then relay the results. Most return a list of improvements such as image optimization or number of server requests made. With your approval, we will go in and work out these issues to speed up your website as a whole. Having a fast website, even with an extreme amount of users, is important to make sure no customers leave because they are impatient. We live in a society that now has the attention span with that of less than a goldfish, we are used to immediate results. Deliver your products and pages fast!

3) Fix 404 Errors

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One of the biggest turn-offs for shoppers are 404 errors. I know I hate when I finally find something that sounds promising only to get a 404 page instead of an actual product. 404 errors occur when a page or product has been moved, renamed, or deleted. IntuitSolutions utilizes a few pieces of software to find every 404 error on your website. How do you fix a 404 error? A 301 redirect will need to be added. Once the errors have been identified, we then are able to find similar, renamed or moved items. IntuitSolutions will then apply the 301 redirect the esure that every page your customers land on will have useful information and work correctly. 

4) Implement Add-ons And Upsells

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Lastly, one of the best ways to improve your website is to use add-ons to enhance your user experience and help upsell your customers. IntuitSolutions offers a wide range of add-ons to help with user experience and upselling. Here are our top recommended add-ons for the shopping season:

  • Frequently Bought Together: Show your customers the most “frequently bought together” items based off of the product they are currently viewing.
  • Add To Cart Upsell: Upsell your customers by displaying additional items they may like on your add to cart popup module. 
  • Cart Page Upsell: Persuade your customers one last time before they check out by displaying a carousel with additional items they may like right on the cart page. 
  • Countdown Timer For Same Day Shipping: Show your shoppers a real-time countdown timer for how much time they have left to still receive same day shipping. Living in a society where we want things ASAP, give them the quickest results.
  • Promotional Images On Category Page: Include a promotional image or call to action image on your category pages amongst your products.
  • Swatch Options On Category Page: Easily show your shoppers the additional colors available for your products without having to navigate away from the current category page.
  • Product Option Tooltips: Since it is the busiest time of the year, cut down on customer questions by providing them with answers on products before needing to contact customer service. Show users how to properly order or if there are additional charges based on color variations.
  • Custom Product Live Preview: Changing color? Adding a monogram? Update your product photo in live time to display these changes based on the product options chosen. 

Need help preparing your site for the holiday rush? IntuitSolutions is here to help. As a BigCommerce expert development team, we can implement all of these services to ensure your store can handle the increased traffic. Contact us or give us a call at 1-866-590-4650 today!

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