Holiday Checklist For BigCommerce Merchants (2018 Edition)

Sell More On BigCommerce This Holiday Season

The holiday season comes early for ecommerce merchants. While others are enjoying the final days of beach vacations or sending their kids off to school, you’re switching into business mode to ready yourself for your busiest season.

It might seem daunting, but don’t worry. There are plenty of small, actionable steps you can take to ensure a profitable holiday season without losing your mind. We suggest checking out this exhaustive checklist from BigCommerce. In fact, we like this list so much that we’ve culled some of our favorite tips from the experts at BigCommerce and added the solutions that we offer to help you put them into action.

BigCommerce’s Tip: Consider Your Mobile Experience

2017 was the first year that mobile sales exceeded desktop for holiday shopping and that number is only expected to increase. The upswing in mobile shopping, plus the growing popularity of voice-activated devices like Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, means that your mobile experience should be on-point if you want to win holiday shoppers.

Our Tip: Get Google AMP

BigCommerce made history when they became the first ecommerce platform to natively support Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). These lightweight pages are Google’s preferred way of optimizing for mobile. They’re super-fast and can help increase mobile conversions.

If you’re interested in using AMP on your BigCommerce site, we can help you set up, customize, and optimize your pages. Contact us!

Our Tip: Get A Mobile Responsive Site

If you’re still using an outdated mobile template, now’s the time to upgrade. The mobile experience preferred by both Google and the average user is a mobile responsive site. This is a single, flexible design that naturally expands and contracts to fit any size device. If your site uses any other model, it’s not providing a modern, optimal experience.

Need a full site redesign that focuses on mobile? Learn more!

BigCommerce’s Tip: Lay A Great Foundation

The holidays mean your site is (hopefully) about to get hit with a lot more traffic. Now’s the time to take stock of your site’s overall performance and fix any issues that could turn off a rush of customers with cash in hand.

Our Tip: Move To Stencil

The easiest way to improve website performance on BigCommerce? Move to Stencil. It’s BigCommerce’s newest and most modern framework. It’s faster, lighter, easier to customize, and better for both mobile and SEO. If you’re still on Blueprint, use your holiday season prep time to get on Stencil.

Learn more about Stencil!

Our Tip: Get A UX Consultation

Already on Stencil and not sure where your site could improve? Call us for a free user experience consultation! We’ll guide you to the special customizations, add-ons, and/or SEO tactics that will improve your site’s performance and conversion rate during this important time.

Contact us for a UX consultation!

BigCommerce’s Tip: Create A Holiday Merchandising Strategy

One of BigCommere’s best suggestions is to take advantage of holiday customers’ readiness to buy by trying to drive up your AOV. For example, you might offer free shipping above $50, bundle related products together, or offer a free gift with purchase.

Our Tip: Try An Add-On

Our add-ons are specially designed to solve common merchandising and user experience challenges for BigCommerce merchants. If you’re considering implementing the strategies recommended by BigCommerce, we recommend the following add-ons.

Frequently Bought Together is an upselling add-on that pulls suggested or related products into a carousel beneath the main Product Image, allowing customers to select the ones they want, choose options, and add items to Cart – all without leaving the Product Page. It’s perfect for creating bundles or just generally pushing more products on customers who already have their wallets out.

Get Frequently Bought Together!

Add-On Fees Or Additional Products is the easiest way to implement a free gift with purchase, a powerful customer incentive. The add-on automatically adds the free item to cart and clearly labels it so customers can see what they’re getting.

Get Add-On Fees Or Additional Products!

BigCommerce’s Tip: Holiday Marketing Campaigns

The reward is great for ecommerce stores during the holiday season but competition is fierce. A great marketing strategy that capitalizes on the spirit of the season (plus the stressful reality of having to buy all those gifts!) is what you need to set you apart.

Our Tip: Invest In Marketing

IntuitSolutions’ in-house marketing team has expertise across the board on digital marketing. Whether you need to prepare for increased keyword competition in your PPC campaigns, fine-tune your email marketing, or get your festive graphics in order, we’ll work with you to make holiday marketing as seamless as possible.

Learn more about our marketing services.

Get BigCommerce Help For The Holidays!

Ready to put your holiday plan into action? Whether it’s an add-on, a site redesign, or a marketing strategy, we can help you have your most profitable season yet! Call us today!

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