Hiding PayPal Payment Options on BigCommerce

July 29, 2014 | |

Some Products Violate PayPal’s User Agreement

PayPal is the most popular payment gateway for shoppers. It’s no secret that enabling it as a payment gateway in your BigCommerce store is definitely an asset, and helps customers have options during checkout. Unfortunately, PayPal’s policies don’t allow their service for any transactions that involve certain items like ammunition, firearms, and firearm parts or accessories. If you’re selling products and you want to hide PayPal as an option, give us a call.

IntuitSolutions Customization to Hide PayPal

Removing the PayPal option altogether in your store would mean you’re losing customers. Thankfully, IntuitSolutions has developed a modification to the checkout process that will hide the PayPal payment option if there are any products marked as PayPal violations in your customer’s cart. This allows you to still give customers the flexibility they want when checking out, without violating your User Agreement.

Custom Without Being Complicated

We accomplish this modification with a short, custom script added in to your BigCommerce store. As a merchant, all you have to do is one simple action to any of your products that happen to be PayPal violations.

Make Sure You’re Getting The Sales You Deserve

This is just one way to apply dynamic payment options to your site, but this simple customization can help you increase your sales. If you sell guns or ammunition in your BigCommerce store, contact us today to have us add this customization to your store.

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