Google Shopping Feeds Canada with BigCommerce

Google Shopping has Arrived in Canada

Google shopping is now available in Canada. While there is no dedicated to searching specifically for products, Google will still show products for relevant search results. Below is an example of Canada’s Google Shopping Ads. Because there is no shopping engine you cannot see more than the first available products. Bidding and product information accuracy are key for getting your products in this prime position. But, informational accuracy alone won’t get your products from BigCommerce to Google Shopping.

Example of Google Shopping in Canada

BigCommerce Google Shopping for Canada

Because Google Shopping feeds for Canada are so new, very few businesses are taking advantage of them, leaving more room for savvy marketers to get their products in front of people. The service is so new, that Big Commerce does not yet support exporting feeds for the Canada shopping engine. Many business owners can see the benefit of this type of advertisement, but don’t know where to being looking to get their own BigCommerce hosted products. IntuitSolutions can get your BigCommerce products on Google Shopping! Is your store on a different platform? IntuitSolutions will also migrate your store to BigCommerce so you may take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your products on

Available BigCommerce to Google Shopping feed Country list

BigCommerce Google Shopping for Other Countries

If your BigCommerce store is not in Canada, IntuitSolutions can help you get your products onto Google too. We have been helping our USA based clients serve their Google product listing ads for years. No matter what country your company is based out of, as long as Google supports your area, we can get you up and running on their shopping network. Contact IntuitSolutions today, or call 866-590-4650 to find out how we can help you grow your business.

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