Fenix-Outfitters ProStores to BigCommerce Migration

January 10, 2014 | |

Over the past year and a half, we’ve noticed a strong increase in the number of ProStores customers expressing a desire to migrate to BigCommerce. Fenix-Outfitters.com is a prime example.

Fenix Outfitters before the ProStores to BigCommerce Migration:


Fenix Outfitters had a good (though maybe slightly outdated) design on ProStores, so we did a bit of updating in the migration process. Their main motivation for moving, however, was not the design, but data management.

Fenix Outfitters has several sites already on BigCommerce that sell similar products, therefore when trying to manage multiple databases, and orders across multiple sites, it made sense to keep their eCommerce stores on a platform that could sync between the sites.

ProStores does a lot of things right, but unfortunately one thing that still remains difficult (or nearly impossible) to this day is database syncing. That’s where BigCommerce comes in.

There are many apps in the BigCommerce marketplace that address this specific problem, and even a few that aren’t listed in the marketplace itself. A few different store management apps include:

  1. Webgility
  2. Attandra T-Hub
  3. OneSaaS

Fenix Outfitters after the ProStores to BigCommerce Migration:


After the move, Fenix Outfitters was able to utilize apps such as Webgility to sync their inventory and store management across multiple stores.

Apps are just one of the big benefits of moving to BigCommerce. While many competing eCommerce platforms offer apps of some sort, few platforms have the quality and amount of apps that BigCommerce offers.

Looking to move to BigCommerce? We do more than just ProStores migrations. If you need some help, or would like to discuss your project, contact us today!

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