Ecommerce Storytelling

May 1, 2015 | |

Telling the Story of Your Product

Gone are the days of simply listing your products and waiting for business to flow through your store. As search engines have upped the criteria for which sites rank at the top of their results, consumers have raised their shopping standards (and as consumers have raised their standards, search engines have upped their criteria). That means shoppers want the whole picture, not just the product and the cart. The best approach to filling out that shopping experience is by viewing your products as stories that need to be told. Where do they come from? How did you come about selling them? What problem are you setting out to solve? Graphics, videos, blog posts, and images can capture your that story and give consumers the information they need to trust your store and make a purchase.

Putting it all to Practice

We recently took this philosophy to heart when we unrolled our subscription billing app for BigCommerce. As much as we’d love to have the product speak for itself, we knew that for store owners shopping for a recurring billing solution, giving them the full story would be crucial. That’s why we worked hard to build plenty of supporting content focused on the product. But we didn’t stop at blog posts and web pages.

We built a clear and concise video to demonstrate the app’s functionality. Video content is a proven driver of quality traffic because of the way it demonstrates a shopper’s real-world interactions with the product. In short, it’s an extremely effective tool for storytelling.

Whether you’re selling digital apps or tangible items, consumers want to be able to interact with your products before they make a purchase. By utilizing as many different media as you can to get that info across, you’ll not only inform shoppers, you’ll generate an environment for shoppers to identify with.

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Roger Miller is one of our resident SEO professionals. He has several years of experience writing and editing content for e-commerce stores. From product descriptions, to video reviews, to blog posts, he has created engaging material for a wide array of products. Roger has worked as a journalist in the past, and uses that experience to write succinct and accurate material.