Building An Ecommerce Social Media Marketing Strategy

Building An Ecommerce Social Media Marketing Strategy

How To Create Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Ads That Convert

When was the last time you updated your social media strategy? Like all digital platforms, social media has changed a lot in recent years. It’s not enough to simply have a Facebook account that you update regularly — to really make money, you need to take advantage of the social media’s capacity for retargeting and customer segmentation. Read on to learn about the benefits of social media marketing and our team’s strategy for driving results.

Like all digital platforms, social media has changed a lot in recent years.

Benefits Of Ecommerce Social Media Marketing

Target Customers Where They Choose To Spend Time

Like email marketing, social media marketing seeks to connect with consumers on the platforms they already use. When it comes to social media platforms, the usage numbers are staggering. Here are just a few of the most recent statistics:

  • Facebook has over 1 billion monthly users worldwide
  • 65% of all American adults have a Facebook account
  • 100 million people use Instagram every month
  • 78% percent of 18-24 year olds use Snapchat.

65% of all American adults have a Facebook account

Cost Effective Advertising Strategy

Social media accounts are free, and the CPC (cost-per-click) for each ad is lower on average than traditional forms of advertisement (print, TV, and radio, etc). Plus, social media offers the ability to personally connect with your customers and engage in thought leadership with great content.

Enhance Brand Identity And Authority

In addition to campaigns that target customers with suggested products or services, social media is also a great way to promote your brand more generally. Posting and promoting content that joins existing hashtags or conversations helps you develop your brand’s voice and presence within the digital space.

Highly Targeted Marketing – Reduce Throwaway Clicks

Perhaps the most useful aspect of social media marketing is the ability to target and advertise to an specific customer bases. Campaigns can be built that target users based on age, location, income, and various other demographics. This increases the efficacy of your ads by ensuring that they actually targeting your intended customer base.

How We Build Effective Social Media Campaigns For Our Clients

Increase Brand Awareness

Running ads on social media is a great way to increase overall brand awareness. We achieve this objective by running more general ads for your company that help people remember you and build consumer trust, making them more likely to purchase your products when they’re hit with a more targeted ad or CTA.

Follow Customers Off-Site With Retargeting Ads

Ever been browsing on an ecommerce site, then logged into Facebook to see a carousel of the same products you were just looking at? That’s an example of a type of advertisement called retargeting. Retargeting works by using a small piece of code called a cookie that shows customers ads after they leave your site. These ads based on actions they’ve taken in the past, such as viewing a product, or adding a product to cart but not checking out. Since only 2 percent of web traffic converts on the first visit, this is a great way to ensure customers come back to complete their purchases.

Since only 2 percent of web traffic converts on the first visit, retargeting is a great way to ensure customers come back to complete their purchases.

Find New Customers With Lookalike Audiences

Creating a lookalike audience is a way of finding social media users who match the demographics and interests of your customer base and marketing specifically to them. This audience can be created in several ways. A simple spreadsheet export of your best customers, customers from an email segment, or customers who frequent your brick and mortar store, are few examples groups that you can import into Facebook. Once you import these customers into Facebook you can tell it to seek out and advertise to similar people. Facebook’s lookalike algorithm will identify people that match your predefined qualities and target them with your ads. This is a great way to attract new customers who may connect with your business.

Generating Leads With Social Media

Generating leads from would-be customers is the first step to increasing your sales. Social media can be used to capture customer data, giving you greater access to a group of people who have already expressed interest in what you’re selling. Lead generation ads are a great way to capture this information. These ads might encourage customers to “learn more,” “be the first to get access” or “download a free PDF.” With lead generation ads, you capture email information for a huge audience.

Social media can help you build an audience for your products and is a powerful lead generation tool.

Get Social Media Optimization Today!

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