Your Digital Marketing Checklist for BigCommerce B2B

Digital Marketing Checklist For B2B

9 Digital Marketing Tools To Optimize Your B2B BigCommerce Business

Ever wondered how to market your B2B ecommerce business? It’s worth figuring out: spending on B2B ecommerce platforms is growing at a pace twice that of B2C spending and, by 2019, the B2B ecommerce market will be valued at $1.1 trillion. With a market growing that fast, you can’t afford to rely on word of mouth or industry reputation.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a checklist of digital marketing essentials for B2B. Here are the 9 things you must do to get ahead of the competition and turn customers into regulars.

Target the Right Customers With B2B Buyer Personas

B2B businesses tend to have several different types of customers. For example, some customers know exactly what they need and need a straightforward, efficient way to order or repurchase it for their company. However, other customers who are early in the buying cycle may need to do a great deal of research about what they need and why they need it. Creating buyer personas (also called “user personas” or “customer personas”) is a great way to do this. Creating profiles for the different types of people who use your site will help you decide what content you should put on your site and how to present it.

Let Customers Find You By Product Search With Google Shopping

Unless they have a standing relationship with a provider, companies typically search for the specific product or part they need to buy. That’s why it’s important to get your products on Google Shopping, a price comparison marketplace that puts your products alongside your competitors. Not only will it get eyes on your store and brand, it showcases the advantages you have over your competitors, leading to big sales.

Connect With Customers At Every Stage of The Purchase Pipeline With Automated Email Marketing

If you sell a product that requires a return purchase, email marketing is a must. Sending out an email reminding a company that their consumable is running out or that their product part may require replacement is a great way to keep those clients coming back to you instead of turning to one of your competitors.

Guide Your Customers Through The Pipeline With A Chat Widget

A chat widget is helpful for any ecommerce website, but B2B customers often requires additional guidance, especially early in the purchase pipeline. If your goal is to sell in bulk, or if you are selling higher priced products, a chat widget will help guide a potential customer in the right direction and even upsell them on new products or options they may not have considered.

Get A Leg Up On The Competition With Competitive Text Ads

One smart SEO strategy is run ads that show up when someone searches your competitors. If you have an advantage over another business in your field (like lower prices, a more user-friendly site, or more convenient delivery options), but you’re not as well known, running ads against their branded keywords can help you take business from them.

Ease Customer Anxiety With An Easy to Find Phone Number & Contact Form

When selling B2B, you’re likely dealing with an employee of a company who is responsible for finding and purchasing a needed product. Unlike most B2C customers, B2B customers are looking for a company that they can form a relationship with and turn to for their product needs for years to come. Ensuring that your phone numbers and contact form are readily accessible with clear, inviting CTAs is a great way to seem more accessible, leading to larger orders and stronger relationships.

Generate The Leads You Want With Text Ads

Driving traffic to your contact information is so important that it’s worth the investment of some of your SEO budget. Instead of only running ads about specific products you offer, consider running an ad campaign that encourages customers to call you or fill out a contact form. That human touch may be just what a B2B customer is looking for.

Get The Data You Need With Call Tracking

There’s no sense in driving phone calls if you aren’t tracking where those phone calls are coming from and tying those phone calls to orders. Use a call tracking service like to better understand what traffic is driving the most phone calls to your site. This software also allows you to “score” each phone call so that you can understand what ads, traffic channel, and pages are driving the best quality calls for you.

Make Google Analytics Work For You With Call & Contact Form Goals

Google Analytics can work just as well for B2B as B2C – if you have the right strategy. Ensure that you have a Contact Form goal and a Call goals setup in Google Analytics. Tethering those B2B-specific goals to traffic and calls are what will make the Analytics data helpful and usable for your business – not muddled and confusing.

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