Streamlined Custom Checkout for ProStores

September 26, 2011 | |

**NOTE: As of July 2014, we are no longer working on the ProStores platform. Please contact us if you would like to migrate your store to BigCommerce.**

Checkout is the key to any Ecommerce site. No matter what you are selling, your checkout needs to be clear, simple to navigate, easy to edit and compact. ProStores now provides a new Streamlined Checkout option, which combines shipping options and makes movement through the checkout quicker and more flexible. IntuitSolutions taken this to the next level by creating a custom checkout template set that is world-class for any Ecommerce site. We have seen significant improvement in conversions and sales on sites with our new checkout process. What does that mean for you? Fewer support questions and more sales! Take a look at the video below or the product here.

A quick demo of the new checkout:

Now our original IntuitSolutions Custom Checkout Templates are efficient and easy to use but they were made 5 years before the streamlined checkout process was available. Using the new checkout templates, we have made a quicker, more user friendly process. The new Custom Streamlined Checkout for ProStores makes the checkout shorter, with the billing and shipping address entry on a single page, and much more flexible, with selectable breadcrumbs and shipping options that are changeable right on page! Customers can even use the linked breadcrumbs to quickly return to a previous page with all of their inputted data intact. As with our previous checkout, the pages are built with prominent call to action buttons, clearly laid out forms and data, and easy to read steps; all of these features prevent abandoned carts and drive conversions. Our checkout templates maintain and increase visitor conversions by moving customers through the checkout quickly and smoothly and with confidence. For a small investment checking you can add a world class checkout process to your store.

Here is a full list of features in our new Streamlined Custom Checkout for ProStores:

  • Fewer pages with clearly labeled fields to make input a breeze
  • Edit links with breadcrumbs let your customer go back to any step at any time
  • Edit links on the invoice page itself make it easy for customers to correct address errors
  • Cancel Buttons removed to reduce risk of mistaken abandonment
  • On-page java script validation for required fields
  • Better general layout for checkout options and input fields
  • Clearly displayed checkout option for New, Returning or Guest
  • Credit Card Verification Code help provided in clear, straightforward fashion
  • Credit card icons are displayed based on your store settings
  • Compatible with all built in payment and shipping options
  • Compatible with eGift cards, gift message and invoice instructions.
  • Bill To: and Ship To: can be edited from the invoice confirm page
  • Easy to customize for site specific requests
  • Replaces generic streamlined templates (note: Streamlined Flow checkout option must be enabled in your store administration panel to utilize this customization)

You can see the product in our store here.

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