Client Reviews for Local Google Listings

July 30, 2013 | |

Google+ reviews can be tough to get, but if you want to attract more clients and customers for your local business, it is important to get reviews on your Google + page.

Here are few notes to consider:

Reviews can be written on Google+ local business pages, not on personal pages. If your page has a little “pencil” button near the top of the page, customers can leave a review on your Google+ page.

Customers or clients must have a Google+ account to leave a review on your Google+ page.

Google has rules against copying a Google+ reviews and pasting it onto your website or another site review site. Your reviews may be removed from your Google+ page if you cross-post onto other sites.

Here are simple steps to leave a review for Local Google Listings

  • Log into your Google or Gmail account.
  • Visit http://Google.com and search for the local business you want to review.
  • After you find the listing you want to review, click on “Write a review” or click the “Google reviews” link which will take you to the Google+ page of the business where you can leave a review of the local business.
  • r&D_heating_and_cooling

  • Leave your review/rating and then click submit/post!
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