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AdWords Management

The Dangers of Broad Matched Keywords

“Trimming the Fat” In Your Adwords Campaign When we get a new Adwords campaign, one of the first things we do is trim the waste. We scan through keywords and identify the ones that don’t generate traffic, or equally damaging, the ones that bring in bad traffic. By cutting these out, we can ensure our…

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Case Study: A Sustainable Paid Search Strategy

Source: SEM Rush It’s easy to get caught up in the complexities of Adwords. Without a doubt, there’s a ton of functionality and the Devil is in the details. With that said, by focusing on the fundamentals we have been able to boost a number of valuable metrics to increase reach, bring down cost per…

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BigCommerce Migration

Google Shopping Feeds Canada with BigCommerce

Google Shopping has Arrived in Canada Google shopping is now available in Canada. While there is no dedicated to searching specifically for products, Google will still show products for relevant search results. Below is an example of Canada’s Google Shopping Ads. Because there is no shopping engine you cannot see more than the first available…

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Case Studies

AdWords Conversion Optimization & Cost Reduction Case Study

Our client ran a massive AdWords campaign, which was performing well, but they were searching for a company that could improve returns and manage their campaign with expertise. Problems With Common AdWords Bid Strategies Their campaigns were returning conversions and attracting high volume of search traffic, but from the wrong, too broad an audience. They…

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