NEW App: Meta Title & Description Management For Categories In BigCommerce

The Category Meta Tool by IntuitSolutions will be your go-to app for improving the content associated with all of your BigCommerce categories.  With the Category Meta Tool, all of your search engine optimization and quick edits to the text associated with your categories just became a breeze! We all know how important search engine optimization is to your online store.  Every little edge you can get over your competition can turn into astronomical traffic coming to your business. Many aspects of this process that can improve your store can seem arcane and difficult to manage. Our app helps to mitigate this frustration — we take most of the work tracking down the location of each setting for your categories and put everything in one place for you to edit.

Our user interface is designed to mimic the BigCommerce design that you’re used to using in your day-to-day store maintenance.  We’ve built this tool to be as intuitive as the relationship between your category’s meta content and the category structure can be.  Because our app is so easy to use, anyone that you grant permission to use the app can click to open the app and be able to immediate dive in and make changes to improve your search engine rankings.  Onboarding new employees to these tasks is so straight-forward that you’ll save hours of work — we know this from the experience of using it ourselves!

We swear by our Category Meta Tool app — we use it every day in-house for our Digital Marketing clients.  As part of our expertise with BigCommerce, we have identified this limitation with the platform and built this tool from the ground up to make the experience of editing your category content as pain-free as possible.  Though you know your own business, once you try our app, you’ll realize that our design philosophy and experience with eCommerce optimization has inspired our development to create an app that works for you.

Putting all of the meta elements for BigCommerce categories in one place — including the name, page title, description, meta description, and URL — allows you to craft your content and really tell the story of your brand.  This tool allows you to turn your digital marketing strategy into a concrete implementation and work your way to the top of the page-rank charts!

In addition to editing the meta content for all of your categories, our application is fully-featured to make your process easy.  Our app features the ability to filter your categories by title, helping you track down specific changes that you need to make as fast as possible.  Our pagination system lets you focus in on the content that you’re currently processing, or open up the page to up to one hundred categories. And, of course, you can update your category description with all of your content — even content in other languages with Non-Roman character sets is supported.

Without our app, there’s no way to natively bulk edit your category meta content through BigCommerce without interacting with the API directly.  We’ve built a custom import and export system which allows you to generate a spreadsheet of your category content — much in the same way that BigCommerce supports making custom export templates — and allows you to leverage your internal processes to make batch updates to all of your category meta content.

Though some users will want to process all of the content changes with our user-friendly visual interface, there are an infinite number of approaches that you can use with the import/export functionality of our app.  If you work with an agency to manage your site content, you can grant user access to the app via BigCommerce, or simply export the category meta content spreadsheet and send it directly to them! You can also use this for all of your bulk text replacement operations and be absolutely sure that nothing was missed.  You can even use the export spreadsheet to automate tasks that interact with your category pages specifically by generating a list of all of your category meta content in one place. 

In short, this app is simple to use but extremely powerful, providing your business a means to navigate your category content with ease. Our simple user interface allows you to work as quickly or close to the metal as you want with all of the data that BigCommerce reports about your categories.   We invite you to try our app for yourself to see how easy optimizing your BigCommerce categories for search engine optimization can be!

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