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September 30, 2016 | |

At IntuitSolutions, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a variety of clients representing diverse industries and markets. One of our oldest clients is based in the Philadelphia area, and has utilized technology to change the expectations of his clients.

Main Line Kitchen Design Owner Paul McAlary came to us with a vision for his kitchen design business that would do away with the traditional showrooms and floor samples and take the entire experience into the homes of prospective clients. Rather than having home owners come to a show room, Paul would go over kitchen design plans in the actual kitchens he’d be re-designing, making the whole process easier to visualize and more efficient. By cutting out the expenses of operating a brick-and-mortar property he could make his rates more competitive, while also providing a better overall experience for shoppers.

In order to achieve this goal, Paul knew he’d need a modern website and a solid strategy to attract the kind of traffic he’d be missing out on with a physical location. Over the years, we’ve been able to do a lot of work to MainLineKitchenDesign.com. From re-designing the home page, to building a new gallery, to adding comprehensive learning tools that guide users through the various stages of the kitchen design process, our team has built a valuable experience for users at every stage of the buying process.

Year over Year Traffic is up over 100%, average session duration is almost a minute longer, and the bounce rate has steadily declined over time.

Present a Modern Design

Design trends change, and users expectations change with them. If you’re going to be positioning yourself as an expert, you should have a site that looks like it belongs in the present! First impressions are important for users, and a visitor who sees a dated, ugly home page is likely to bounce before giving your site a chance. High bounce rates and low time on site are negative signals that can seriously harm your organic rankings.

The new design (Bottom) features high resolution imagery, a fill-width layout, and an overall more modern approach to design.

Retool Existing Content

Just because you’re re-designing your site doesn’t mean you have to lose all the work you’ve put into it. Paul has always been an active blogger, covering a variety of topics surrounding the kitchen design world. When we began looking into how we could improve the user experience on his site, we wanted to showcase some of that hard work on dedicated pages. We had Paul pick a few of his favorite posts, and curated them based on topic. We built a landing page that explained the various considerations one should make when re-designing a kitchen, and leveraged several already written blog posts to fill out the information.

By providing new avenues for clients to access his articles, Paul got new visitors out of posts that had previously been buried, and those posts continue to rank for relevant search phrases.

Build New Content

Adding fresh content to a site is a great way to provide users with the materials they’re looking for and provide a positive signal to search engines that your site is active and working to provide a positive, informative experience. We worked with Paul to assemble a handy guide to cabinet shopping, with the various characteristics that set the brands he works with apart from the imitators. Not only does this establish Paul as an authority and highlight his benefits over the competition, it also capitalized on a number of keywords he previously struggled to rank for.

Engage Users Visually

One of the most successful pages we’ve built has been the gallery and its various sub-pages. By showcasing professionally shot photographs of Paul’s various projects, we’ve given users the ability to visualize their plans. The ability for images to inspire readers cannot be understated, and is evident by the success of these gallery pages, which have generated outstanding time-on-page, bounce rate, and page value metrics.

High quality images help users visualize the product and improve metrics like time on site, pages per session, and conversion rate.

Leverage Reviews

You work hard to ensure customer satisfaction. You also likely work hard to get people to leave glowing reviews on sites like Angie’s List and Customer Lobby. Don’t let the positive feedback remain relegated to those sites. Customer Lobby has a WordPress widget that makes it easy to get reviews in front of all of your site’s visitors. Google+ also offers a venue for reviews. Make sure you’ve got a polished and active profile page that showcases your business and your reputation.

Local SEO with IntuitSolutions

Main Line Kitchen Designs is one of our great local SEO success stories. The combination of frequent content contributions and a clear goal for how to leverage that content has led to the kinds of organic improvements

Of course, there are even more factors that contribute to successful Local SEO. We haven’t even touched on back links or social media. But design, engagement, and content initiatives have been especially effective measures for a longstanding client’s SEO success. If you’re interested in learning more about our monthly SEO management services, call today and see how we can help.

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