Case Study: 40 Hour Modern Redesign Of L. Mae Boutique

L. Mae Boutique: Ready for a Redesign

L. Mae Boutique has been on BigCommerce for a few years and their site design was no longer fulfilling their needs. They wanted to update their site to a new clean design with modern elements like full width hero images and and larger product images. They also needed the site to be responsive and they wanted to incorporate their Instagram feed. With these objectives in mind, IntuitSolutions was able to quickly create a great new theme for their Bigcommerce site.


L.Mae Boutique Before Redesign


L.Mae Boutique After Redesign

Customizations for a Trendy Fashion Boutique

Since L. Mae Boutique has a lot of great photography of their products, IntuitSolutions kept the design clean and simple to allow the images on the page to really shine without being overcrowded. On the homepage, we used a large carousel and a fun and trendy featured categories section with these photos to captivate visitors. The homepage also features an Instagram feed to incorporate more of L. Mae’s product photography. We also kept the product thumbnails on category pages and featured product sections large to better showcase the products.

The product thumbnails were enhanced with our image swap customization that allows shoppers to view another aspect on hover. This allows the customer to see more of the product before making the decision to click on it. Finally, we added a customization that allows for products with various color options to be set as individual products. With this customization, customers can navigate between the colors on the product pages like usual but the colors are listed individually on category pages; therefore, customers that may not be interested in a product in one particular color, may find the same product in a different color further down the page and love it.

Individual Product Pages for Each Color

Why Not Have a Custom Theme?

Getting a new custom theme for your BigCommerce site isn’t as difficult as it appears. If you are looking to give your BigCommerce site a facelift quickly and affordably, contact us by calling 866-590-4650 or send us a message by clicking the button below.

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