Migrating Your eCommerce Site to BigCommerce?

We specialize in moving enterprise-level stores from one eCommerce platform to another, and we have the know-how to migrate entire product databases over to BigCommerce the right way. We move your store, accommodate any design changes you may have, and protect your search engine rank in the process. We migrate stores from OSCommerce, ZenCart, XCart, WooCommerce, Magento, Volusion, and more.

Why Migrate to BigCommerce?

Some eCommerce platforms might not be able to grow as your business grows. When that happens, you might start thinking about moving to a new platform, or migrating. BigCommerce is built for Enterprise-level stores, and they’re the best choice for putting your business on the right path for steady growth. But what exactly is involved in migrating? It may sound complicated, but our in-house experts can help.

Protect Your Rankings

Migrations are a key time to preserve your search engine rankings. You need to make sure that you’re protecting your traffic, keeping your conversion rate where it is, and improving the usability and profitability of your website, so it’s important that you choose IntuitSolutions to migrate to BigCommerce. We have long-term success on the BigCommerce platform, and experience in migrating complete sites to it. Too often, we have worked with clients who chose another migration service and suffered major falls in search rankings, sales, and site usability. Your migration must be carefully executed, otherwise you can put yourself out of business in a short timeframe.

IntuitSolutions Complete Enterprise Migration

We have had many clients come to us to fix a bad migration performed by another provider. Some of the common problems we see focus on mishandled 301 redirects, incomplete product information, product option and attribute loss, and botched site design/layout. Many migration providers also fail to mention the pieces that aren’t included in your migration, so you don’t realize the impact it’s had until it is too late. A short but essential discussion early on in the process about what’s included and what’s not is key to understanding the scope.

Some providers may not provide 301 redirects for category pages, or may not move over crucial meta information. This data is paramount to keeping the “SEO juice” from your existing links in your site structure. Other development agencies might be concerned with doing the bare minimum, but we care about doing a good job, and that means doing what’s best for your store. At IntuitSolutions, we make sure to monitor your current site’s 404 errors before we migrate and after. Your site’s health is important to us, and we pride ourselves on quality work.

Get Ahead of the Game

Make the right decision right off the bat and go with IntuitSolutions to avoid the pitfalls of a failed migration. Call 866-590-4650 or Contact Us today.

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