BigCommerce Webmastering and Site Maintenance Services

Keeping a full-time in-house developer can be expensive. Hiring our Monthly Site Maintenance team helps you make the changes you need on your BigCommerce store without incurring the hefty costs associated with employing a full or part-time employee. Our BigCommerce developers are efficient and able to execute your changes efficiently and expertly, we can also give you guidance on eCommerce best practices.

If you need a trusted partner or just another pair of hands to help manage your online business then our experienced team is here to help your business grow. Monthly maintenance allows you to make iterative, recurring changes to your website and constantly build off of what works and what doesn’t. We offer several plans to fit your needs.




5 Hours / Month

BigCommerce Experts
Priority Support
Continued Maintenance
Content Updates



10 Hours / Month

BigCommerce Experts
Priority Support
Continued Maintenance
Content Updates



15 Hours / Month

BigCommerce Experts
Priority Support
Continued Maintenance
Content Updates

Customer Support and Upkeep

When you sign up for one of our Monthly Managed Support Packages we take care of any found bugs and work with you and your customers to clearly identify and troubleshoot any errors that surface through the life of your support contract. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Browser inconsistencies
  • Device / Responsive Inconsistencies
  • Third Party Integration adjustments
  • Layout tweaks and changes
  • Data Entry and Manipulation
  • Client Consultation

Web Maintenance and Code Clean Up

Over the life of your site, there will be many changes made throughout the internet that you will have no control over. Ecommerce sites are just like real brick and mortar stores; they require constant attention and maintenance. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Compliance with changing internet standards
  • Updating code as new features become available
  • Changes in Third Party Vendor code
  • Technical and qualitative changes for site health
  • Staying up to date with Google Algorithm updates

Quality Content Marketing

We know that you will want to make changes over the life of your site. You may need to improve and/or update your product offering, change design and layout, add features and functionality, etc. IntuitSolutions can relieve some of the internal pressures to create quality content, beautiful designs, and complicated functionality. We can also implement your team’s design work to ensure the quality of code remains high site-wide, which will ultimately be reflected in your site’s performance and ranking. Additionally, we will be available to consult on best-practices and perform analysis on your site to make informed and educated decisions regarding design, layout, functionality, and content.


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