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We write code that we love. We take great measures to ensure that the code is clean, legible and efficient. This makes websites not only look good to the user but also look good to the Search Engines. We make sure to use best practices for the development of code. We use semantic HTML, ensuring that each page is well structured and complies to W3C standards. Our sites load faster, rank higher and are easier to maintain when adding additional features.

BigCommerce Development Specialists

We are a team of developers who work solely in BigCommerce. This leads to a greater knowledge of what BigCommerce can do, and a greater focus on attention to the work. Because we don’t have to switch gears throughout the day between platforms, we remain as efficient as possible. We are the leading BigCommerce Enterprise development team, with more Enterprise-class projects under our belt than any other firm.

Development Services that Produce Great BigCommerce Sites

We are extremely experienced and knowledgeable at BigCommerce development. We take great pride in our work and love what we do. When you work with IntuitSolutions we communicate effectively with you, listening to your needs and desires, and then we get to work to make your site and ecommerce business the best that it can be. Our code is always cleanly written using current web best practices, producing a site that loads quickly and without errors. Your customers will have the best shopping experience and search engines will take notice and rank your site higher. We are always excited by new challenges, innovative visions or even pipe-dreams. If you have an idea for your site, don’t let anyone tell you ‘no,’ before you speak to our creative outside-the-box thinkers here at IntuitSolutions.

Fully Staffed Team of BigCommerce Experts

There is no BigCommerce Enterprise Partner more knowledgeable or experienced than IntuitSolutions.  With over 16 years in the industry, and over 5 years of working with BigCommerce, we can safely say that we’re the experts you need for your BigCommerce store.  Better yet, we’re here at our desks every weekday, ready to work and ready to pick up your phone calls.  We’re a strong group of creative individuals, who also know how to work together to leverage important skills and knowledge, making your web project run as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

The Best Developers for Your BigCommerce Store

We care about your business’ success, and we’re only satisfied when you’re satisfied.  We like to hear about the goals you have for your site, and lead you in the best direction in order to increase your sales, traffic and overall customer satisfaction.  We’ll ensure that your site is manageable for you and can scale to meet your business’s growth.


How To Beat The Ecommerce Summer Slump

Managing Your BigCommerce Store During The Slow Season Does business seem slower for your ecommerce store in summer? It’s not just your imagination. Sales really do go down in summer for both ecommerce and traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. On average, ecommerce retailers sell 30% less during the summer months than they do in autumn and winter….

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BigCommerce UX Tweak: Product Option Dropdowns on Android

Simple Fix For Android FastClick Issues Have you checked your BigCommerce site on an Android lately? Some merchants on the BigCommerce Stencil framework have noticed an issue with Product Option Dropdowns not working properly on Android phones. This is caused by an issue with an outdated Android library called FastClick. If you notice this problem…

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Case Studies

Case Study: Budget Stencil Move and Redesign For XtremeHelmets

Moving to Stencil On A Budget XtremeHelmets is a BigCommerce site that sells motorcycle helmets and other motorcycle gear. Like many BigCommerce merchants, they wanted to move their Blueprint site to Stencil, so they reached out to us. We moved XtremeHelmets to Stencil with our Stencil Upgrade package. It’s a budget-friendly way to get onn…

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