BigCommerce Custom Redesign & Responsive Development
Already on BigCommerce? Need a makeover? This is the right package for you!

  • BigCommerce Custom Design

    Custom Design

    Have your cake and eat it too! A totally custom design that still leverages ALL of BigCommerce’s out-of-the-box functionality and features.

  • BigCommerce Responsive Design and Development

    Responsive Development

    We want to be the best web partner that you’ve ever worked with, PERIOD. That means attention to detail, prompt communication, and meeting deadlines.

  • SEO Optimized and Fast

    SEO Optimized + Fast

    We’ve been in business for 15 years and have served thousands of happy clients. Read about a few of our clients’ experiences below.

  • Milk Nursingwear
  • DDP Monograms and Gifts
  • Print.Save.Repeat.
  • Shabby Apple
  • Hook and Albert
  • Durawear
  • NeedInk
  • Campus Colors

A Site Design That Works With Your Products, Not Against Them

  • Collaborative and Creative Design Process
  • Tailored to your specific products and categories
  • Custom Navigation and Site Structure
  • Consult with our SEO + Marketing Team
  • Design Mockups for Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop
  • High Quality Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator files
  • Custom Homepage, Category, and Product Pages
  • Unlimited Design Revisions

Case Studies:
The Design and Development of The Hair Bow Company
Approaching the Design of a Complex Homepage on Campus Colors

A Mobile and Tablet Friendly Design

  • View your site on any device of any size
  • Rank higher with Google with a Mobile Friendly site
  • User friendly navigation
  • Optimize for mobile traffic

Case Study: The Design and Development of Print.Save.Repeat

Optimized for Performance & Better Search Rankings

  • Developed on our own optimized framework
  • Faster page load speed than Bigcommerce Templates
  • Custom, optimized structure
  • SEO Experts work WITH the Development Team
  • Rich Snippets deliver your content directly to Google
  • Web Best Practices and validated code
  • All standard BigCommerce SEO Features
  • Thoroughly tested across 99%+ Market Share

Redesign With All BigCommerce Functionity

This Redesign Package Includes All BigCommerce Functionality

Everything that you can do out-of-the-box from Bigcommerce will also be available for your custom redesign. Some of the most popular features on BigCommerce include…

  • Integrated Product Reviews
  • Product Options / Variants
  • Social Network Integrations
  • Newsletter Sign Ups + Email Marketing
  • Customer Groups & Segmentation
  • Discount Rules / Promotions / Coupons
  • Related Products / Customers Also Viewed
  • Sale / MSRP / Wholesale / Cost Pricing

Have a CUSTOM feature or functionality request? No problem! We specialize in custom solutions on BigCommerce for design, developmenet, integrations, SEO, and Marketing. Give us a call to discuss your ideas.

Direct, Reliable, and Flexible Communication

  • Transparent task and deadline tracking in our Project Management System
  • Direct phone numbers to the Designers / Developers working on your site
  • Your deadlines are important, and we’ll meet them
  • Regular communication on progress and issues

We NEVER outsource our work, so you can expect us to be available M-F 10am – 6pm every day of the week, and call our direct lines. No more whispering down the lane!

Contact Us

Direct Reliable Flexible Communication

Hear From Happy Clients

“The team at IntuitSolutions did a wonderful job at executing and designing my website on the Big Commerce platform. I originally contacted Zach with a unique problem that other BigCommerce web developers were unable to solution for me. He contacted their programmer Dan to make sure they would be able to provide the functionality I needed and shortly after we got to work. Zach initially started the project and later handed it off to Kristin. She really helped bring my vision to life and was such a joy to work with. Kristin has a very complex understanding of design, SEO, Google and so much more. She is very good at explaining how all of those elements work together and why they are important. I am so proud of the work IntuitSolutions did and extremely happy with the level of service I received.”

Mandy P.,

“I was desperate! I needed some special programming before my store could go live and we could not move forward, muchless sell anything! I called and worked with the Programmer directly. He worked with me until we came up with a solution. But the best part is these people are easy to work with and they made best efforts to help me. They went out of their way to get me online and selling! I would highly recommend these people to anyone and I plan to use them again shortly.”

Sandra B.,

“We were dreading the transition from our out-dated static HTML website to a functional and fully featured e-commerce platform, but IntuitSolutions made the process seamless! Their creative use of various features and functions allowed us to build the site we were looking for while still being able to fully utilize the great back-end and platform that Bigcommerce provides. The IntuitSolutions team also provided us with a comprehensive SEO & marketing package that we are planning to utilize once the site launches. I highly recommend giving IntuitSolutions a call for all of your Bigcommerce-related web design & SEO needs.”

Dave W.,

Redesign Package Pricing

Call or Contact for custom pricing!

Timeline + Process

6 – 10 weeks to completion. Direct Access + No Down Time. Ask About Custom Features or Functionality.

Call or Contact Us

Contact Us
866 590 4650

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you develop my redesign?

We will develop your new Bigcommerce site design in a Sandbox Environment on Bigcommerce. There will be no down-time for your current site while we develop the new theme, so you can keep taking orders. You don’t need to pay for additional hosting while we work. We will not need to worry about redirects, product database work, or Bigcommerce settings when developing your site. We’ll apply the completed design to your existing installation, and avoid the technical issues that you typically see in a migration.

Will I be able to see the new design as it’s being developed?

Absolutely! Once the design stage is completed and we start development, we will create the sandbox environment and send you a link. This link will be live during the entire development process, and you will have full access to see progress in real-time as we work through everything.

Will I need to put my site in maintenance mode while the new template is applied?

This setting will replace all of the form field labels with input field placeholders, saving a lot of page space and reducing the need to scroll the page.

Will I need to create all my products in your sandbox store?

We will create a couple of products in your sandbox store that we will use to design and develop around, but we will not need to recreate your entire product database. Once the development is complete, we will take the template off of the sandbox and apply it to your existing store. This means you will still keep all of your product information on your current store, and you will not need to move over all of your data.

How do I know that my informational pages will look good with the new template?

We will develop a new Static Page template for your site content, and apply that template to your existing informational or “Web Pages” in BigCommerce. We’ll adapt your existing content to this new, optimized layout and unify your content with the new design.

If I have customizations added in to my current template, will I be able to keep them?

Yes, please let us know during the design and development stages if you have customizations that you need us to duplicate on to your new template. By default, the new template files will overwrite the previous template files, so please give us a heads up and we can make sure any custom functionality is recreated in the new template.

What pages are included in the design process?

We will create design mock-ups for your Homepage, Category Page Layout, and Product Page Layout. All other pages on Bigcommerce, including the Cart, Checkout, Static Pages, Account Pages, etc. will not have mock-ups created for them, and will be styled to match the rest of the site layout during development.

Can you clarify the timeline and the steps that will happen?

Of course. Here’s a breakdown of what we expect to happen during the timeline:
Week 1 – 2: Design of the Homepage and Basic Styles
Week 3 – 4: Development of Homepage / simultaneous design of Category and Product Pages
Week 5 – 6: Development of Category / Product / Other pages on the site
Week 7 – 8: Revisions / Testing / Store Setup
Week 9 – 10: Application of new template / Launch of site / Cleanup / Post-Launch Testing

How are in-process customization requests handled?

If you are interested in exploring new custom features for your site, please do not hesitate to ask. We will adapt your scope to fit those needs on case by case basis.

How do design revisions work?

Our number one goal in this process is to ensure that you are happy with the final design of your site. We will work with you to refine these presented designs until they meet all of your expectations. There is no limit to the number of revisions or refinements. Once we have the homepage designs approved, we will move into the development phase. Don’t worry, we can make some small tweaks later to the design, but we want to get as close as possible with the designs before proceeding with Development.

How do development revisions work?

We will take a systematic approach to the development of your site, starting at the top with the Homepage, working our way through Category and Product Pages, and then tackling the Cart, Checkout, Account Pages, etc. We will request organized revisions from you at each of the following Milestones:
– Homepage Development Completion
– Category Page Development Completion
– Product Page Development Completion
– Account, Cart, Checkout, etc.Completion
We will culminate the development process with a request for a single list of Final Revisions at the end of the project for any last minute changes or tweaks.

Will my search rankings be affected by the new design?

Search engine rankings are important, and we wouldn’t ever recommend something that would hurt your relationship with Googlebot. Google actually looks favorably on sites that occasionally update and make improvements to themselves, because they want to see that the site is staying active. As your redesign will keep you on the same platform, you should not expect any decline in search rankings as long as your site navigation remains the same or improves.

What are examples of customizations that I might have on my current template?

YOTPO, trust badges or SSL site seals, hard-coded menu navigation, custom product page layouts, or calls to action that are hard-coded in to the template files are some common examples of customizations that we would need to recreate on your new template design if you’d like to keep them.

How long will it take for the new template design to be applied to my site?

It should only take 30-45 minutes to upload all of the new template files to your site. After the files are applied, we will go through your store display settings to make sure everything is optimized for the new design, and then we will go through your site to check that things look and function as expected. After our site check is complete, we will reach out to confirm and have you take a look as well. From application to confirmation, the process should take about 2-3 hours.

What if I have additional changes I need after the new theme is applied?

Once we have designed and developed a new site on BigCommerce, we’re happy to make additional changes as part of an hourly work order. If you’re looking for on-going changes, many clients choose to continue to work with us to grow their online businesses under a Monthly Managed Service Plan. Under these Monthly Plans, we will continue to provide services post-launch to improve, optimize, support, and market your site. We offer Monthly Managed Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing Services, as well as Monthly Managed Website Maintenance & Support Services to fit your needs.



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