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If your site’s design is feeling a little stale or just plain old outdated, we can help. We’ve custom-designed scores of sites that propel companies to new found prosperity, recognition and web power. A well-designed site not only helps you look more professional, it instills confidence in your company’s message and invites more conversions and successful checkouts. Don’t leave it up to chance; our team of professional, experienced designers will make your site look top-notch. Check out our Design Portfolio for examples of some of our work.


Benefits of Custom BigCommerce Design

Your design should be as unique as your product or service. With a generic template, you get a generic product. It may be functional, look good, and keep the lights on – but you’ll be limited in terms of design, options, and personality.  As your business grows, you want to show your growth through your site’s design.  Your website is your brand. It’s where your customers will have their first experience with you and ultimately where and how you will successfully persuade them to purchase from you so long as you’ve given them a great shopping experience. Partner with IntuitSolutions and let us handle the heavy lifting with your ecommerce site while you focus and handle what you do best.


A Cohesive Branding Experience

Designing and developing a custom website that captures and further builds upon your brand is crucial.

When designing for a client that sells moisturizers and cleansers, we were able to create a refreshing, lightweight and clean presence. This was accomplished through the very intentional use of spacing and color, allowing the pages to breathe. Key elements were given rounded corners, further softening the user experience. The design work makes the pages’ content easier to digest, and lets the customer shopping know that the company cares about their products and their customers.

Optimized to Convert

Even with a beautiful site, in order to stay in business, your site’s purpose is to convert sales. Your site must be built with not only a solid foundation that is friendly to the search engines and encourages them to visit often, but also with a deep understanding of how to guide users through the sales funnel and ultimately to convert shoppers into buyers.

We optimize code with markup and clean, semantic code including proper heading structures and alt tags to help build your organic SEO rankings. All of our designs are built from the ground up to fit your company, and we constantly improve our process and update for the latest ranking tweaks and algorithm changes. When Google put out new Schema markup for Rich Cards just recently, we updated our codebase immediately to include it. We stay on top of the latest so that our clients can reap the benefits and stay ahead of the curve.


Pay by Purchase Order on BigCommerce

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Microinteractions on eCommerce Sites

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Case Studies

Case Study: 40 Hour Redesign of Bill’s Music

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