BigCommerce Quick Fix: Update Your Site’s ReCAPTCHA

BigCommerce Support For ReCAPTCHA v1 Ends

BigCommerce has announced they are ending support for version 1 of reCAPTCHA, the spam deterrent filter that appears on certain pages on your BigCommerce site. In order to keep using the reCAPTCHA services, merchants will have to manually upgrade their reCAPTCHA to version 2.

If that sounds overwhelming to you, don’t worry! IntuitSolutions can help. Our developers can update your reCAPTCHA in just a few hours, keeping you ahead of the curve.


ReCAPTCHA is a security tool that keeps robots from spamming your site. When you fill out a form online and are prompted to input words or numbers, solve a math equation, or simply check “I’m Not A Robot,” you are filling out a CAPTCHA.

ReCAPTCHA is the specific CAPTCHA service provided by Google and supported by BigCommerce.

No need to be concerned – a reCAPTCHA update is a good thing! It simply means BigCommerce is taking the necessary steps to keep merchants secure. Small updates like this are a normal part of being on any SaaS platform.

How Will The ReCAPTCHA Update Affect My BigCommere Site?

If you have the older version of reCAPTCHA on your site, the templates on which the reCAPTCHA appears will need to be updated. Since reCAPTCHA appears only on forms, the following three templates will need to be updated:

  • Create Account
  • Write Review
  • Contact Us

To update the reCAPTCHA, changes need to be made to the actual code of your website. You can follow the directions in BigCommerce’s documentation, or you can work with IntuitSolutions to quickly make the changes that will keep you up-to-date.

Hire A BigCommerce Expert To Update ReCAPTCHA

Want help updating the ReCAPTCHA on your BigCommerce site? Our developers can help! If you’re an existing client you can open a work order or, if you’re new, call us at (866) 590-4650!

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