BigCommerce Home Page Blog Preview

Show your latest blog post on your home page

Now that you can easily create your own blog with BigCommerce’s integrated blog you will want to show off your latest post, so your visitors can stay up to date on what’s happening with your business or industry. Part of optimizing your website for search engines is frequently updating your website with new relevant content, especially your home page.

What better way to do this than by adding a preview of your latest blog post to your home page.
The BigCommerce Home Page Blog Preview is one of our most popular products and many people like it because of its ability to control the content of your home page. If you’re releasing a new product, your business is holding an event, or even if you would like to educate your visitors about your industry, the home page blog preview is a great way to promote this blog post’s content.

SEO Benefits of Home Page Blog

In terms of Search Engine Optimization, the Home Page Blog Preview is a useful way to fill your home page with keywords pertaining to your website that web users might search. It has been becoming increasingly evident that Google favors websites containing relevant content. So even though you may think that your e-commerce store only needs to contain products, think again. Word content is necessary for any website and our Home Page Blog Preview has been favored by many as a great way to do so on the BigCommerce platform.

The Home Page Blog in action

Here is an example of the Home page Blog preview in action.


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