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Excise Tax App For BigCommerce

What is an excise tax? Excise taxes are paid on products like tobacco (vape juice), alcohol, gasoline, airline-tickets, and various health related products. If you are selling these products, you are required to pay an excise tax.

IntuitSolutions’ Taxman is the ONLY excise tax solution your eCommerce business needs to stay compliant and succeed in the world of regulated product sales online. Taxman is a turnkey solution built exclusively for your BigCommerce site.

You are in control of all of your Taxman settings.

You can set up different tax calculations based on location, product, components in kit products, percentage of a price, percentage of a portion; you have options to customize tax settings all the way to a sub-sku level.

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  • This app requires no work on your end.
  • This app requires a little bit of work before installation.
  • Expect to make updates before installation, as well as possible post installation maintanance.
  • You will need to make updates before installation, as well as possible post installation maintanance.
  • This will require a lot of work, be prepared to make updates before installation and to continue to maintain the installation going forward.

Sell Regulated Products On BigCommerce

Taxman is a breeze to get up and running, and it’s full feature set makes it easy for you to stay tax compliant while making the sales you want.

We know you don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about your tax compliance, and we’ve built this app with you in mind; you can even import and export product settings in bulk, as needed.

If you’re serious about achieving sustainable growth in the vape and other excise tax related products space, our eCommerce excise tax solution is simply a fit.


How Taxman Works

Online vape shops and stores selling alcohol and other tobacco products are the perfect candidates for the Taxman app.

Seamless BigCommerce integration, and easy to setup and adjust excise tax calculations, makes selling any of your vaping and other products a breeze.

Simply setup the proper tax on your product, component, or percentage of a product (useful for selling products with different nicotine levels), and receive the proper payment so that you can submit your taxes as required. Your customers will see the excise tax as a separate line item on their invoice, so there is complete transparency.

It’s Easy:

Define Geographic Zones

Define geographic “zones” (based on zip code) and specify what level of tax should be applied to each product in each individual zone.

Define Tax Rate 

Taxman lets you charge based on:

  • Flat rate
  • Percentage of Product price
  • Percentage of taxable portion (taxable portion of each Product is editable)

Add Tax As Line Item

On the customer end, Taxman is clean and simple. When a customer fills out their billing/shipping information, excise tax is calculated and applied to their order total as a separate line item. It’s clearly labeled and included in the grand total, so customers understand what they’re paying for.

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