Sell Age-Regulated Products On BigCommerce?

This is how you check I.D. Our exclusive integration allows you to connect your storefront to Veratad’s Identity Verification Service, ensuring that your customers meet the requirements to make purchases. It’s quick, hassle-free, and easy to customize on the merchant end. Most importantly, it protects you and your business from fraud and reduces your compliance risk.

  • Quickly and easily verify customer age and ID with birthday and/or SSN
  • Safely sell age-regulated products like nicotine or alcohol
  • Connect to Veratad’s powerful services
  • Works on any BigCommerce checkout

Accurate, Hassle-Free I.D. Verification For BigCommerce

From the customer’s end, the verification process is simple and straightforward. Once a customer has checked out with age-regulated products, they’ll be prompted to verify their identity by providing information like their birth date, social security number, or both. The information they provide is immediately checked against Veratad’s servers and the customer instantly receives an alert as to whether they were approved or denied. If they were denied, they’ll be prompted to upload a photo of their driver’s license or other I.D.

Customized For Your Business Processes

Our Veratad integration can be customized to meet the needs of your industry or business. You set the age limits for your products and can easily tailor those limits to be region-specific, or to accommodate multiple products with different age limitations. You also have control over whether you ask for a customer’s SSN and you’re able to determine the flow of events if their identity can’t be validated. You can also see the validation status of any of your customers at any time by accessing the merchant panel.

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