Let customers use physical gift cards to make purchases on your BigCommerce store with this integration with Smart Transaction Systems Card Services. This customization integrates directly with Smart Transaction Systems’ API to offer gift card checkout in one easy step.

  • Let customers buy online with physical gift card
  • Interacts with the Smart Transaction Systems API to pull in up-to-date card balance
  • Redeem the full value of your Gift Card for online store credit
  • Works with Stencil and Blueprint BigCommerce themes

Already offer physical gift cards? The Smart Transaction integration works with many major gift card providers and payment processors, including:

  • Cayan
  • Swipe It
  • Heartland
  • Merchant Choice Payment Solutions (MCPS) / Foundry
  • Gravity Payments
  • Signapay
  • People’s Bank
  • Michigan Retailers Association (MRA)
  • Florida Retail Federation (FRF)
  • Alliant Merchant Solutions
  • Retail Cloud
  • Online Credit Card Services

And if you don’t offer combined brick-and-mortar/BigCommerce gift cards but want to, check out Smart Transactions Services.

This customization is the simplest way to integrate physical and online gift cards, particularly if you sell both ecommerce and brick-and-mortar. Let your customers pay how they want and automate your manual processes at the same time. Our app integrates directly into the checkout process – no need to send customers to an outside site. It’s easy for customers to use and requires no extra work on your end.

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