Big Backups

Protect yourself from the risk of permanently lost data with our ultra-secure Big Backup service. This additional level of safety will ensure that human error, or malicious deletion of your store will not spell the end of your business. Too often, store owners find themselves in dire straits because of one stray click or wrong button pushed. Our Big Backup service saves your product database, customer sets, template database, order histories, reviews and other vital data sets. Don’t get caught without a reliable and well-implemented safety net. Sign up for the IntuitSolutions Big Backup service today.

Dynamic Payment Options

Some products you sell may violate the PayPal Terms of Service, and unfortunately, BigCommerce does not offer case-by-case control over payment options out of the box. We can allow you to configure which payment options are available for customers based on their cart contents or customer group. Great for gun sellers!

MAP Pricing

Some retailers have minimum advertised pricing agreements with their manufacturers. Our BigCommerce plug-in will hide the sale price until the user adds the product to their cart. You can easily configure which products hide and show their sale price if you offer both MAP-sensitive and other non-MAP products.

Pay by Purchase Order

Do you use your online store for wholesale customers? With our BigCommerce customization, they can upload Purchase Orders as a file during the payment process. Using our dynamic payment options upgrade, you can make sure each customer is a registered wholesale client before allowing them to pay by PO.

Quantity Slider

One of our trademark UI goodies, a continuous quantity slider, styled to grab customers’ attention. If your customers want bulk quantities, give them a slider bar with a numerical input updated in real time, not just a text input or dropdown menu so they can easily adjust over the whole range of allowed quantities. You can see this in action at ADCO Glass here.

Dynamic Product Options

With this modification, you can display options on the product page based on a customer’s previous choices. Only show the customer relevant option choices. Additionally, we offer extra pricing flexibility based on the number of options selected, beyond the base offered by BigCommerce.

Product Quantities by Measurement

This customization allows you to charge customers based on the weight, length, or area of a product. You can also set a price by unit and a minimum quantity and allow customers to order in any amount of that unit quantity.

FFL Dealer Lookup

If you sell products requiring a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer, you can allow your customers to look up their nearest dealer by zip code and ship to them for store pick up. Our software automatically splits the order into products that can be directly shipped to your customer and those that need to go the FFL dealer. In addition, the dealer is automatically notified by email that the shipment is on the way.

CSS/JS Compiler

Does your site load slow? Are you tired of BigCommerce scripts and stylesheets clogging your header? Our CSS and JS compilers speed your page and boost SEO, while making your page consistent with best practices.

BigCommerce Products

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BigCommerce Products

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