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Create and Send Quotes with BigCommerce

Business-to-Business (B2B) customers often need PDF quotes to submit to their purchasing department for approval.

In a true eCommerce environment, this can be a challenge. Many hours are wasted on telephone support and quote generation techniques that cannot be executed online. A tool is needed to streamline this process, and it must be fully integrated with BigCommerce.

IntuitSolutions has created a fully-featured Quote Builder app to finally bring this much-requested and much-needed component to BigCommerce. This Quote Builder tool significantly streamlines the B2B process by making it extremely easy for both stores and customers to generate PDF quotes (or purchase orders) through BigCommerce. Once a quote is generated, the customer and store owner will receive an email containing the PDF quote, which includes a “Buy Now” link that will instantly rebuild their cart on BigCommerce and complete the order.

Highlights of Quote Builder Functionality

  • The quote builder is an app designed for business to business sellers to provide their clientele a printable quote, but can also be used for business to customer sellers.
  • The app can be accessed through two views: a view for clients shopping in your BigCommerce store, and another view specifically tailored for phone staff or store administrators to build quotes for their clientele.
  • When logged in to the store, the store’s phone representative will be able to add products to the quote via the “Add to Quote” button on each product page, or using the quick search option to find the product and add it to the quote.
  • The quote builder will account for bulk pricing, discount rules, taxes and shipping
  • The buyers has the option to send an email with a downloadable PDF quote.  Contained within the PDF quote is an ‘add to cart’ option, which will generate the same cart with the quote specifics.

Phone Reps Can Create Quotes Quickly

A straightforward Administrator View makes for quick and easy quote generation.  Add products from a search box with real-time suggestions and configure the dynamically populated options specific to each product.

The administrator view can be unlocked so it is visible to any customer regardless of customer group.  This is a huge time saver for customers who know what they want to order either by product name or SKU, since they can quickly build a cart or quote. The administrator view can be fully visible to ALL customers or access can be controlled by customer group name.

Preview and Send Quotes with Checkout Links

Our quote preview gives the administrator or customer a good overlay of their overall order. The Quote preview will list the items, quantity, price and the total price after shipping and taxes.  In order to  generate a quote preview, the only information needed is the customer’s email address, city, state and name.

An option to purchase the quote is placed right on the preview, which takes the user straight to the checkout page.  There is another option to email the quote, which will send a PDF copy to the customer or their administrator for approval.  The PDF file is an invoice-style list, easy to comprehend, and features a “buy” link, that will generate the exact cart, ready for purchase.


Customers Can Easily Request Quotes

In addition to the Administrator view, customers can generate a quote by accessing the site and navigating through the products normally. A special “Add to Quote” button will be generated on each product detail page.  Clicking on the Add to Quote button will add the product with any options selected to the quote, and alert you that the product has been added to the quote.

Once the quote has been fully created and submitted, the customer will be asked to enter in their email address and basic customer information. The PDF quote will then be emailed to the customer as well as the store owner.

Fully Responsive for Mobile and Tablet

The Quote Builder fits right into your site’s template.  It’s responsive, and ensures that the quote builder will be consistent and beautiful on all devices.   You can now create and send quotes on your mobile and tablet devices, making the process that much easier to use on the go.

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