Accept Affirm Payments in BigCommerce

Sell more by making it easier for your customers to spend more! Affirm is a payment provider which allows your customers the convenience of splitting big purchases into smaller monthly payments. This  gives your customers the flexibility to make their cart bigger while cutting out the stress of needing to put out all the money up front.

IntuitSolutions is the only company that seamlessly joins Affirm’s resources with your BigCommerce store.

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How It Works

We Integrate Affirm seamlessly into our One Page Checkout, included as part of your purchase. When checking out, your customer will have the option of checking out with Affirm as a payment method, they will then be directed to the Affirm application process.

If successful, both the Affirm loan and BigCommerce order will be created at once, the Affirm loan ID will be included in the order’s customer notes.

If the loan creation is unsuccessful, the customer will be re-directed back to the checkout with the Affirm payment method removed so that they can continue to checkout with an alternate payment method.

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  • Increase Average Order Value
  • Boost Checkout Conversion
  • Reach and Delight Your Millenial Buyers
  • Guaranteed Purchases
  • Fast and Direct Settlement
  • Affirm Assumes the Credit Risk – You Get Paid Immediately!

All orders will be true BigCommerce orders and will live in the BigCommerce back office, just like all other orders.

The process will be thoroughly tested with your environment, and will also include our One Page Checkout enhancements (normally $995.00) as an included bonus!

Start Accepting Affirm Payments in Your Store!

Installation price $1,995 plus $79.90/month

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