Purchase Order Solution

Purchase Order Solution

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Let Approved Customers Pay By PO

Allow registered and approved customers to make a purchase from your BigCommerce site by Purchase Order (PO). You can offer the Payment Method to all customers or restrict it to the Customer Groups you choose. Approved customers have the option to input a PO Number at Checkout.

This add-on keeps things simple for the merchant, too. Once the Purchase Order is uploaded, that purchase will be marked with Payment Pending. The PO number input is generated by leveraging the Comment Field, so you can access it from your back office.

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Purchase Order Solution


  • Only approved Customer Groups have access to feature
  • Customer has option to enter PO number at Checkout
  • No changes necessary to other Checkout Payment or Shipping options or to Checkout Settings
  • Leverages comment field to create field for Purchase Order number
  • Merchant can easily keep track of PO number from back office

Features & Benefits

  • Offer Purchase Order Payment Method

    Pay by Purchase Order isn’t a Payment Method on native BigCommerce. This add-on is simply the easiest and most user-friendly way to offer it.

  • Restrict Payment Method By Customer Group

    This feature can be restricted by customer groups, meaning you’re in complete control over which of your customers can use it. You can offer it to everyone, or restrict it to customers with whom you have an existing relationship.

  • Perfect For B2B Businesses

    Cater to the B2B market by letting them access the Payment Methods most appropriate for them. This add-on lets approved B2B customers check out as easily as B2C customers.

  • Track Purchase Order Number

    You’ll be able to access the number your customer entered from the back office, allowing you to easily reference it and collect payment down the line.

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