Organize Category Page By Subcategory

Organize Category Page By Subcategory

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Group Similar Products On Category Page

Category pages normally list out all of the products from its subcategories in one big list. However, this can make it more difficult for customers to find the product they want. This customization to breaks up that list into smaller sections based on subcategory. It creates subheadings on the category page representing the next level of categories and lists the products below the appropriate header. Customers can still navigate to any of the subcategories (unless you don’t want the subcategory pages to be available). This customization can be applied to any category level but the lowest level.


Organize By Subcategory


  • Requires no changes to your current category structure (as long as you have subcategories)
  • Dynamically accounts for subcategories you add, edit, or remove after installation
  • Installed in 1-3 business days
  • Works on all BigCommerce themes

Features & Benefits

  • Improve Information Architecture

    Improve your site’s information architecture by grouping similar products together under informative headings. Make it easier for customers to find what they want.

  • Improve Site’s Merchandising

    Adding an additional layer of organization makes your site appear more professional and enhances the user experience.


What Our Clients Have Said

  • “When I needed design and technical help with my outdated ProStores website, the designers at IntuitSolutions were able to come up with a completely new design with custom attribute and image swatch features just like many of the larger retail sites use. Overall, I was very impressed.”

    Jeff Lane, ModernWicker.com

  • “Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my new website! You guys were amazing to work with. The design is so simple and easy to navigate. Everyone there was patient, competent, and helpful. Kudos to all of you.”

    Mark Nastasi, ReplacementPartsUSA.com

  • “The guys at IntuitSolutions did a great job designing, building, and optimizing our site. We’ve been using their SEO services for years and our site continues to rank well in search engine results.”

    Joanie Hoaner, CurrogatedMetal.com

  • “I originally hired IntuitSolutions to re-design my site. They did a fantastic job of taking my old design files, logo etc. and making a sleek, new looking site. Now they are managing my SEO campaign and my site continues to improve.”

    Todd Sheridan, BananaJack.com

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