Act Now To Get Last-Minute BigCommerce Upgrades Before The Holidays

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Got everything you need for the holidays? Let us help you check some items off your to-do list!

It’s hard to believe but there are only a handful of days until the holiday season is in full swing. Before you go off the grid for some much-needed relaxation, connect with us to get everything you need squared away.

We already gave you a rundown of the essential BigCommerce upgrades for the holiday rush and some SEO tips for your busiest season. Now’s the time to make those final preparations for the end of the year and make 2018 your most profitable year yet.

Small BigCommerce Work Orders Make A Big Difference

Everything on your site working okay? Does anything need cleaning up? Are your holiday graphics looking twinkly and festive? Small work orders make big differences in your bottom line. So if your BigCommerce site needs a little love, contact us today.

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Make Small (But Mighty!) UX Improvements

At IntuitSolutions, we produce exclusive BigCommerce apps and add-ons, designed with UX in mind. Need a better checkout, a way to recommend related products, or a convenient popup log-in? Check out our full listing of add-ons. All can be installed in just a few days and most with little or no work on the merchant’s end.

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Make Your Move: Upgrade To Stencil In 2018

Support your 2018 ecommerce goals with a great website. If you’re on the BigCommerce platform, the simplest way to make huge improvements to your site is to upgrade to the Stencil framework. It’s faster, more efficient, and easier to customize than Blueprint. All that means happier customers, more sales, and better SEO.

Not only is Stencil faster and more efficient, it will eventually be the only supported BigCommerce framework. We anticipate that 2018 will be the beginning of the mad rush to upgrade, so reach out to us now about getting it done in Q1 of next year.

Read more about Stencil and why it’s an upgrade over Blueprint here

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