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Trey is an Internet Marketing Manager with a specialty in maximizing effectiveness in pay Pay Per Click advertising. After spending time at with an industry leader and learning there are better ways to implement internet marketing strategies, he decided to start managing advertising campaigns independently. With a background in Marketing in the Pharmaceutical industry, Trey has worked with Fortune 500 companies and Mom and Pops alike. Trey has a proven track record of success, and true expertise in the field. In his free time, he enjoys building track ready cars, and exploring his obsession with the field of Economics.

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Faster Page Load Speed for SEO on WordPress

Improving Page Load Speed for SEO As you may have noticed, we’ve been a little silent on the blog over the past few weeks! Did you miss us? We have been hard at work upgrading our WordPress hosting infrastructure and making our sites better! Making this change protects our WordPress-hosted sites against hacker attacks, improves…

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Case Study: A Sustainable Paid Search Strategy

Source: SEM Rush It’s easy to get caught up in the complexities of Adwords. Without a doubt, there’s a ton of functionality and the Devil is in the details. With that said, by focusing on the fundamentals we have been able to boost a number of valuable metrics to increase reach, bring down cost per…

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Creating Dynamic Payment and Shipping Options for BigCommerce

BigCommerce Limitations on Product-Specific Payment and Shipping Options BigCommerce makes it extremely easy to add different payment and shipping options to the checkout process. A merchant can offer several different payment options such as PayPal, free shipping, or the option to pay for your order physically in a retail location. Unfortunately, BigCommerce does not allow…

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Hiding PayPal Payment Options on BigCommerce

Some Products Violate PayPal’s User Agreement PayPal is the most popular payment gateway for shoppers. It’s no secret that enabling it as a payment gateway in your BigCommerce store is definitely an asset, and helps customers have options during checkout. Unfortunately, PayPal’s policies don’t allow their service for any transactions that involve certain items like…

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BigCommerce Category Page Upgrades

Get and keep your customers’ attention with some beautiful category page upgrades by IntuitSolutions. There are two different kinds of eCommerce visitors: buyers and browsers. Buyers know what they want, they’ve done their research and they are ready to commit to a purchase. Browsers, on the other hand, are more so “seeing what’s out there”;…

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