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Emma studied English in college, then later discovered the world of technology through her work in nonprofit marketing and communications. Inspired by the power of the web, she began teaching herself to code. She brings those skills, plus a background in content creation and an interest in human-centered design, to a role where she seeks elegant digital solutions to problems of all sorts. In a former life, Emma taught ESL and worked as a freelance writer on a variety of projects ranging from natural health newsletters to poli-sci textbooks.

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Mobile Commerce Tips For BigCommerce

Mobile Ecommerce: Why It Matters With everything that goes into running an ecommerce website, optimizing your site for mobile may feel like an afterthought. But it shouldn’t. Mobile ecommerce (sometimes called m-commerce) is the future of online shopping. Here are some fast facts about why it’s so important. Your customers are already on mobile. 77…

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Case Study: Vape Shop Site Customizations For

BigCommerce Customizations To Sell Regulated Products Online is a BigCommerce store that sells vapes and vape accessories. They approached us with a number of challenges: not only do they sell regulated products (nicotine) that are subject to special laws and taxes, they also needed a site that would support their TV marketing efforts and…

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2018 Digital Marketing News For BigCommerce

Industry-Wide Shakeups Affecting BigCommerce Merchants Is your BigCommerce site up with the latest web and industry standards? From Google Shopping retiring its BigCommerce integrations to new encryption standards across the web, a lot has changed over the past few months. Here’s a rundown of the most essential updates and shake-ups that all ecommerce merchants need…

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Taxman Excise Tax Solution

Excise Tax App For Vapes and Vape Shops

Our Exclusive BigCommerce App Helps You Sell Regulated Products If you sell tobacco, alcohol, or other regulated products, you know it can be tough to stay compliant with tax laws. And, in the ecommerce realm, it’s even more difficult. Customers can come from anywhere, meaning you don’t just have to follow the laws of the…

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Why We Recommend BigCommerce For B2B

The Best Ecommerce Platform For B2B If you sell B2B online, you know that ecommerce platforms and tools aren’t always a seamless fit for your business model. So when prospective clients with B2B businesses learn that we exclusively work on BigCommerce, they want to know: is this really the best platform for my business? Our…

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Case Study: A BigCommerce Site Redesign For

Custom BigCommerce Development and Design For A Luxury Goods Feel is a BigCommerce site that sells high-quality extra virgin olive oil to discerning customers who love gourmet food. But their outdated site wasn’t properly showcasing their products and it wasn’t optimized to work with their specific business practices, such as offering a monthly subscription…

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SEO and User Experience: At the End of the Day, It’s All UX

Why Optimizing Your Site’s User Experience Leads To More Conversions What should you focus on when it comes to search engine optimization? Having the latest tools? Analyzing every piece of data? Investing in future technologies like artificial intelligence? All these things are important but, actually, modern SEO actually has a lot more in common with…

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All About BigCommerce AMP: Google’s Preferred Method for Mobile Optimization

Get A Faster Buying Experience for Your BigCommerce Customers Is your BigCommerce site mobile-friendly? Hopefully, you have a flexible, responsive design. But there’s one important part of responsive design (and its associated positive effect on SEO) that you’re probably missing out on if you’re still on Blueprint: Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). What is Google…

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How To Upsell and Cross-Sell With BigCommerce

The Ecommerce Strategy Amazon Uses To Make Money What single sales strategy generates 35 percent of Amazon’s revenue? Cross-selling. Those “recommended product” boxes you see on every page of their site? They get big results. In brick and mortar stores, upsells and cross-sells are two of the most common and effective sales strategies. And they…

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How To Upsell Your BigCommerce Customers Using Email

Email Automation Strategies To Help You Sell More Optimizing your BigCommerce store for upselling and cross-selling is important. But it’s also possible to upsell your customers when they’re not even on your site. How? With email marketing tools. We’ve said it before – one of your greatest assets as an ecommerce merchant is your email…

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Do I Really Need An Email Marketing Strategy?

Developing an Email Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce If you’re an ecommerce merchant, you’re sitting on an incredibly valuable resource: your email list. But if you’re not taking full advantage of it – or if you send out email irregularly or not at all – you’re missing out on an important part of your overall marketing…

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