Posts by Ariel Lin

Posts by Ariel Lin

BigCommerce Redesign and Mobile Responsiveness for Harbor City Supply

November 11, 2016 | |

A Modern Design for Harbor City Supply When Harbor City Supply chose IntuitSolutions for their BigCommerce site redesign, we wanted to focus on modernizing the look and feel of their site. In order to get customers to the checkout page quickly, we utilized a cleaner design, an easier subcategory navigation and optimized Harbor City Supply’s…

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Custom Category Pages for Improved Conversions on BigCommerce

July 22, 2016 | |

Google has excelled at identifying websites that searchers want to see, and wants to only show highly ranked and clean-coded sites in order to give the best results. If your website is difficult for search engines to crawl, or has bad usability and a high bounce rate, there‚Äôs no doubt that your rankings will suffer….

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Process An Order When It Gets Stuck In ProStores

December 24, 2009 | |

I’m sure many of you have come upon this problem. You go to mark an order as shipped but instead of moving to completed orders, you get an error message saying something about the payment processor details or authorization. The order stays in Ready For Shipping from then on. Here’s how to get yourself back out of this situation.