AdWords Conversion Optimization & Cost Reduction Case Study

Our client ran a massive AdWords campaign, which was performing well, but they were searching for a company that could improve returns and manage their campaign with expertise.

Problems With Common AdWords Bid Strategies

Their campaigns were returning conversions and attracting high volume of search traffic, but from the wrong, too broad an audience. They were also using many strategies which required higher click costs, driving up their cost per acquisition.

Paying for more clicks and impressions alone does not guarantee receiving high returns on investment. Before our optimization, the clients AdWords campaigns had a larger impression share, and received more clicks; return on investment was lower than ideal. IntuitSolutions was able to target ads more efficiently, removing wasted clicks across the campaign, lowering the total number ads showing up for irrelevant search terms and increasing the amount of quality visitors — who are more likely to convert into customers.

IntuitSolutions AdWords Management Results

IntuitSolutions began working on our client’s campaigns in August of 2013. In the six months since, there has been a noticeable improvement in AdWords performance when compared to the same time period in the previous year.

Conversion Rate Comparison

Conversion Rate Comparison Chart

Reducing Wasteful Spending

Using our AdWords management strategies, IntuitSolutions brought the cost of their AdWords campaigns down 47%.  Addressing wasteful spending on keywords that did not convert and focusing our attention on targeting customers more likely to make a purchase, we streamlined the campaigns and greatly improved efficiency. Not only did our work save them a considerable amount of money, we also increased their returns from sales. The CPA [Cost-per-Acquisition] of their entire campaign decreased 15%. ROI increased 41%.  Click-Through-Rate increased by 21%.

AdWords Cost Comparison

AdWords Cost Comparison Chart

As a result of our work, the client has reached their online marketing goals.  During the shoulder season we restructured the campaign to focus on revenue generating ads and keywords and eliminated wasteful spending.  In doing so, we have laid a foundation for a profitable busy season in 2014. Using a common sense approach with some marketing know-how, we streamline campaigns to perform at peak efficiency.

Note: We will update this blog post at the end of August.  We expect to see large revenue gains via AdWords year over year.

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