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IntuitSolutions is an industry leader in Internet Marketing. Our team has a rich history of marketing success as campaign managers for industry leaders. We have managed campaigns of all sizes, ranging from local campaigns to national multi platform campaigns. 

We are able to provide Managed Pay Per Click advertising services to our customers in a more affordable, straight forward and effective manner than ever before.

Pay Per Click(PPC) advertising on Google, Bing & other major search engines is an essential aspect of having a complete web presence. Many factors can determine the visibility you have in “Organic” search results for any given keyword. It is likely that your website is performing well for certain keyword groups and not as well in other important categories. Using PPC can help close that visibility gap and provide valuable exposure, ensuring that you do not miss new revenue opportunities.

In light of the updates that Google, Bing and Yahoo! have been rolling out, the mindset of spreading your online eggs into many baskets is rapidly becoming antiquated. By keeping all of your website and Ecommerce work under one roof you gain not only the advantage of a relationship with a company who genuinely understands and cares for your business’ success but you have the added bonus of a lower Cost Per Click in your PPC advertising because that company can work quickly to improve the quality of your site. Pay Per Click advertising accounts for over 15% of all clicks in the Search Engine Result Pages. If you aren’t utilizing PPC effectively, you are losing business.

Adding PPC to an already well performing Organic search campaign will show a nearly instant increase in traffic for low visibility keywords. For keywords that are already performing well, having multiple listings on search engine results pages builds credibility with the searcher, increases click-through rates and gives us the ability to test both landing pages for stickiness and keywords for effectiveness.

If you have already established PPC campaigns we will provide a free assessment of your campaigns. If you are on the fence and are not sure if PPC is right for your business we will help you make an educated decision on whether or not you should consider adding PPC to your marketing mix.

We look forward to continuing to help expand the reach of your marketing and deliver increased revenue for your business.

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