7 Ways to Optimize Your BigCommerce Store for the 2019 Holiday Rush

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It is that time of the year again! The holidays are right around the corner, so it’s time to prepare your BigCommerce store for increased traffic. Make the most of this traffic increase by implementing e-commerce best practices that impress your customers and drive sales. Follow these seven tips on how to get your BigCommerce website ready for the holiday rush. 

1. Lay a Solid SEO Foundation

As a business thriving in 2019, I’m sure you have heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, you still may not be completely sure why it is important. SEO ensures that google and other search engines display your webpages to those searching for a topic relevant to you pages on your website. With SEO standards always changing and competition increasing, it is important to keep up with your SEO strategy to make sure you organically rank higher in search results. SEO also ensures that your website is relevant and provides value to those who visit your store. We suggest performing a site audit to identify any technical SEO issues that may hinder your sites performance as competition ramps up this season.

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2. Improve Conversion Rate (CR) with UX Enhancing BigCommerce Add-ons

Customers can be lazy and are not always willing to look further than they need. Keep your products in front of your customers eyes and make their shopping experience easy with these BigCommerce plugins.

I. Upsell Suite – Frequently Bought Together, Add to Cart Upsell, Cart page Upsell
The Upsell Suite is designed to make sure your customers buy more than one item by suggesting similar or frequently bought together items located on various pages.

II. Quantity Add All to Cart
Let your customers order multiple products from a single category page with one click by adding quantity boxes to each product on category pages.

III. Countdown for Same Day Shipping
Encourage your customers to buy now by displaying a real-time countdown timer for same day shipping.

IV. Popup Login
Allow users to skip the multi-page login process and log in without leaving the page they’re currently on.

Combined, these Add-ons can bring your website’s conversion rate through the roof. Each add-on has its own way of making sure customers see additional products that may peak their interest and/or nudge them to buy more than they intentionally wanted. 

3. Get a Dedicated Expert BigCommerce Developer

Have a list of updates you’d like to make to your site for the holiday season? Get a dedicated developer to do whatever you’d like as well as improve your website in areas that you may not even be aware need help. Our in-house developers will flag issues and bugs that may be affecting your sales. We will closely monitor your website to make sure we catch any issues before they are able to affect your site. As mentioned before, SEO is important for your organic ranking and monthly updates to your website will only have a positive impact. We will work with you to make website updates including new designs, functionalities, or add-on implementation. 

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4. Use Automated Email Marketing Tactics

Almost everyone in the 21st century uses email on a daily basis. Email marketing produces a higher clickthrough rate than any other type of ad. Implementing a call to action in an email will trigger an emotional response in the customer leading them to want to browse your site for more. Emails can also extend the lifetime value of a customer by making sure they come back for abandoned items or interest them enough to want to try new items. Ensure you have the basics of email marketing automation implemented to take full advantage of the traffic that visits your website this holiday season. We supply the best tools to help you reach these customers and keep them coming back.

5. Launch or Improve Your PPC Campaigns

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is more active than ever. Almost any search you place will have ads located within the results. Make your website one of the first visible results by running campaigns to tell your customers what you have to offer them or how you can meet their needs. You can keep control over your ads by deciding when, where, and who your ads are visible to. You are able to see exactly where your budget is going because ads are return on investment (ROI) focused. Since SEO does not always have an immediate effect, try out PPC ads to see results right away and help meet your short-term goals. We will build, manage, and optimize your PPC campaigns to get you more sales.

6. Integrate the BigCommerce Staging App

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Looking to do website updates but nervous to have something you don’t like displayed on your live website? Try out ThemeBridge™, the first and only true production-like staging environment built specifically for the BigCommerce platform. Have your changes immediately displayed without it affecting your live website. The app pulls data from your store so everything is accurately mimicking your live site. Make sure all updates are up to your standards and not causing any functionality issues before your customers can see them. With the ability to schedule theme launches, ThemeBridge gives you the ability to have theme updates go live the day before Black Friday at midnight, or the day before and after Christmas. IntuitSolutions can help you start building a better website today.

7. Ensure You Meet ADA Compliance Standard

Many people are unaware whether their website meets the compliance standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It is actually a legal requirement that has begun to increasingly send companies into lawsuits for failing to meet these standards. It is extremely important, especially in a society with many different types of people with disabilities, that your website is accessible and user friendly for all people. For instance, if someone wants to visit your site, but needs to use a screen reader, and your website is not ADA Compliant then it is possible that key information will be missing or the overall website may not even be able to be displayed, or read, in an understandable fashion. The higher the level of compliance your website meets, the more inclusive your website becomes. IntuitSolutions makes sure every website we build is the highest AAA level compliant. 

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Prepare Your BigCommerce Store For The Holiday Shopping Frenzy Today!

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